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Vien see alexandro. he said to her, “Mademoiselle maura has confessed the whole truth. Alex asks: and what about such confessed?
 The commissioner replied: that she took part in the abduction of Maria José, with
the complicity of Bruno, Elena and Krügeur. She also admitted that she made the money
transfer with the help of Bruno, on behalf of your wife. Astonished Alex asks: it is not ulisse who
organized the kidnapping ?? The commissioner replies: he seems to have
started planning it, but they have stopped me. Ex Marie de Raquel also asks: no news from
Bruno? The Commissioner responds: we know he is staying
with one of the employees, a certain Eric. But unfortunately he is no longer there. We
continue to search for it. In the evening, Alex joins Maria José, he
says to her: maura is obsessed, unable to see the reality. Bruno used it as a puppet,
and look where it led him. She is in prison, and he fleeing. And the one that suffers the
most is my mother. Alexandro adds: when Bruno is found, he will
remain several years behind bars. Maria Jose says: I’m sorry for her, but only
the prison can stop Bruno. Maybe he will think and regret everything he did. Alex almost in tears said to Maria: they destroyed
me, I just want to rest, darling. Maria embraces her and says: Come on my love,
we’re going to sleep entwined. Alex adds: I need to feel very close to you. The next day, Fernando is at the restaurant
with his therapist. He jokingly said to him: so when will you leave me alone? Irene answers: I do not know, although you
seem to be fine, I do not want you to stop your exercises. Fernando says: you can give me a program,
and I promise you to respect it every day. Irene, with a sad expression, said to her:
it seems that you do not want me to help you anymore, you do not want to see me anymore? Fernando answers: no it’s not that, it’s just
that I do not think you need to spend so much time with me. Irene asks him then: tell me the truth, why
do you want to continue alone? Fernando answers: because I know how much
you love me. And I know that if we continue, this feeling will grow. I love you Irene,
but not like you want. Irene says: does that mean you do not love
me? Fernando responds firmly: no Irene, my feelings
for you is not love, it’s something else. I feel a lot of tenderness, a lot of gratitude,
affinity, but no love. I gave you a chance because I think you are a wonderful woman.
Believe me, it would have been great. Irene, sad and tearful, replies: thank you
for your honesty, although you have just broken my heart. He says to her: I’m sorry. Irene says: do not worry, it was better that
way. You and I know perfectly well that sometimes there are things that hurt us. Just as you
recovered from your accident, I will do it too. Fernando says: thank you, really thank you
Irene. At the same time, Victoria receives a call
from Bruno. She asks him where he is, and he says: in a discharge mom, a discharge in
the middle of nowhere. Without drinking water, it’s hell mum I need your help. Upset Victoria tells her: Come back darling,
please, this is the best you can do. Bruno responds with a frightened air: do not
ask me that, please help me I need money. Can we meet this afternoon? I need enough
money to leave the country. Victoria adds: think my child. Bruno responds: I thought about it, but I
could not die in prison. In any case, I prefer to take my life away. Victoria gets up and says: no! Do not say
that ! Fine, just tell me the place and the time, I’ll be there. Later, Alex tells Maria Jose that Victoria
went to the bank to withdraw money, to help Bruno flee the country. Indeed, Ezekiel says
she left alone in a taxi. Alex also says to Maria: my love, I have to
go. Maria is afraid for her man, she says: no
it’s a desert place, anything can happen. Maria begs him not to go. But Alex answers: I’ll be careful my love. Desperate Maria, said to her: do not forget
that if something happens to you, I will die. Do you have a gun ?? Alex answers: do not worry, I take it for
safety, as a precaution. Maria almost collapsed said: promise you will
not use it, promise me no, I beg you my love. Alex then takes her in his arms and tells
him that nothing will happen. So they exchange one last kiss, and Alex leaves. But Maria
José is afraid for him, she is only crying. Bruno and Victoria are on the deserted beach. Victoria tells him screaming: you’re crazy,
how can you expect alexandro to give you his son !! Bruno responds: once I get to the border,
I’ll give it to a family, and pay them to call you, so you can pick him up. Victoria screams again: you’re crazy! Take
me in his place. Bruno responds by screaming: it’s not the
same! You can call and ask for help, but the child can not! Victoria Di: do you think alexandro will accept
?? He would rather die. That’s when Alex arrives at the scene. But
his mother told him that he should not have come. Alex says: I heard you talk about my son. Bruno responds: I will take him hostage, to
leave the country. and once I’m there … Alex interrupts and says: do you think I’m
stupid enough to believe a crazy man like you?
He adds: Bruno me, if it allows my family to be at peace. Victoria intervenes, gets on her knees, and
tells Bruno to leave with the money he has received. Bruno demands to have the child, but Alex
refuses. That’s when Bruno takes out his gun. His mother
tries to stop him from using it. She tells him not to do that because it’s his half brother.
But Bruno does not listen to him. Alex says to him: try to kill me! It was then that Bruno kicked his mother,
who fainted. Bruno threatens Alex with his weapon, but
at one point Alex disarms him and throws him to the ground. He takes out his weapon and orders Bruno to
leave and never come back. He pretends to leave, but takes his weapon,
and pulls on Alex’s shoulder. And after several shots, Bruno tells Alex
that he has no more balls, and now they are going to fight like real men. A fierce fight is thus committed between the
two brothers. Alex gives Bruno several shots, but he manages
to fight back. At one point, Bruno tries to get Alex’s weapon,
but he stammers it. Bruno tries to strangle Alex, but he frees
himself. Alexandro then drives him to the sea, and
after several shots he is about to drown Bruno. But Victoria, having regained consciousness,
comes to separate them, But Bruno is almost fainting. Alex forcibly takes his mother to take him
away, leaving Bruno dead. But this one is tenacious, it is then that
he ends up taking the weapon of Alex. He is about to kill alexandro, when Eric,
his right arm slaps him, takes the money and runs away. Victoria distraught, screaming in grief at
the corpse of her son. Alex is also desperate, he screams, he screams,
he’s mourning the death of his brother.

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