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When you are ready to start developing your resume the first thing you want to do is brainstorm content. Things that you want to consider are your work history, your skills and experiences including internships, volunteer experience and club and organization involvement. You also may want to look into your class projects as well. Major sections of your resume should include your contact information at the top followed by your education, work or other experience and possibly even a skill section. You always want to include the most important relevant information at the top such as your contact information and your education. You always also want to tailor your resume to reflect how you fit the needs of the position and highlight those skills more than any others. As far as style and format goes you probably want to use the reverse chronological order as it is the most common resume style. Bullet points are also very useful and you want to make your statements in action-verb form when writing your descriptions. You want to avoid complete sentences when at all possible and emphasize your accomplishments and outcomes. Be consistent with fonts and formatting and try to stick to a one-page resume unless you can fill two full pages with relevant information.

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