Resume Maker Professional 17 Deluxe, Download Install & Use | video tutorial by TechyV


Hello viewers. I am Frank. You’re watching this video by, your solution provider. I’m introducing you Resume Maker
Professional an application helps you to create
professional resumes. It’s like an all in one app which let’s you create
and manage resumes from over 1250 samples, 200 cover letters and 150,000 pre-written phrases and more. It contains a wizard to guide you make a resume which describes your skills appropriately. And you can also import resumes to modify them and stored in other formats like word files, PDF or HTML. And finally, review it with resume examiner and then watch a video interview to
boost your confidence. It also has built-in online tools to
find jobs, send resumes, locating a company and more. So you can buy a retail installation CD or download the setup file for about 30 US dollars from its website. I’m showing you a trial installation in a Windows PC. Now I have the installation disk inserted in my CD-ROM. So, I am launching the installer from there. You can allow running the autorun.exe and that will launch the installer. Or double-click on the setup.exe file
from the drive where you have inserted the CD. This is the installation root. Click on “Install ResumeMaker” and it will load the actual installer. This wizard needs a Flash Player to run. If you don’t have it, you can run the installer manually by going to the ‘rm’ folder and then double-click on setup.exe. This can take a minute or more. Extraction is complete. Now click
Next to proceed. I am installing for a single user and
this is marked as personal license. So click Next to proceed. To agree with this License Agreement, click to select I accept and click Next. This is the default installation location. Click the Change button to locate your
own directory and click OK and then click Next. Now finally click install to begin process. Within this, you will be asked to register. You can click Cancel and click Cancel again. So you’ll be informed that you can register later. So click the OK button. Finally click Finish button to end. Now to launch the application, double-click on the desktop shortcut, ResumeMaker Professional. For the first time, you will be asked to create a profile for your resumes. You can create up to 4 profiles in this
personal license. So type your names and click the OK button. This is the main interface. Using it is very easy and you can easily learn it with its built-in instructor. It is categorized in three main tabs
and those are sub-categorized into individual tasks. Consider the resume category on
the Resumes & Letters tab. Just click once on a link you prefer to
launch that tool. And some of them are guided with audio instructions for what you can do as a new user. You can turn it off or pause or stop it from this player. It displays a status bar that ensures you don’t miss any part. After you’re done, you can take virtual interviews by clicking on the “Interview & Salary” tab. Just click on a link to launch. You can use other tools like Salary Calculator or Contact Manager. Or go to the Job Search Tools tab to find jobs from internet. You can take a quick tour or get advice by clicking on this player, “Expert Videos”. It’ll start playing and you can change categories by clicking on anyone from this list. And to change the topic, click on the forward or the backward arrow button or drag your mouse here and it will show an up arrow button. Click on it. Then click to select topics from this list. You can also read more tips and advise from here. Click on anyone and it will launch a PDF file. You’ll need a PDF reader for this. You
can install it from the installation disk if you don’t have. And these tips are generated according to the tab you are on. So that’s it. I hope you’ll find this useful. Visit to read more articles and tips. Thank you for watching this video.

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