Resume for cabin crew – Best tips to get the resume shortlisted

Resume for cabin crew – Best tips to get the resume shortlisted

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What’s up Guys Hello everyone i hope you all had a Good weekend Well If you don’t know me my name is ashish and I am working as Cabin Crew and in this video i’m going to talk about some great Tips and best ways of creating good resume with Job Role of Cabin Crew and before i talk about it I truly wanted to Thank you for liking commenting and subscribing to my Channel and If you have not done it yet Please click on subscribe icon right corner of the screen or you can also Hit the bell icon if you’re watching on your mobile as We Have Crossed Hundred subscribers Thank You so much to all my Subscribers for All the love and support that you have given me today and I’m truly Glad Glad to have you here back again so let’s Get This started Right Away Without wasting Time so Guys When we are talking about a Resume We need to understand that It’s a first impression that we are going to create in front of the recruiter So our resume a should be very impressive okay and We Need to ensure that the key Points like objective or career objective Educational qualification or professional qualification your Work experience or your professional Experience Your Key Skills or core competence Your extra curricular activities all Your Hobbies and Your Personal details are Part of The Resume okay Now When we are writing a Resume a We Need to ensure that The Fonts We are talking about It Should Be Very Simple Fonts Like Times New Roman or arial Will solve your purpose in writing a Resume a throughout. Do not add Any Extra Fornts That’s Very simple and professional Fonts so all This stick with arial or times New Roman While you are creating a resume. It’s not compulsion but yes That’s a Peaceful advice what I can give it to you Now Number two Would be the color combination never ever go for any other color combination apart from Black and White okay Black and White is the best color combination so That’s very professional Do not add Any extra Colors Like Red Yellow Green blue in your resume. It Looks Very unprofessional Guys Do not Add Any different Artistic Skills or pictures in your resume okay. Now we are talking about the pictures So there are lot of People Who are pretty curious Whether They Should be you know Putting a picture on Their resume a Like They Should Get a Printout of the picture along with a resume and But i would recommend to you not to use any pictures Because you Are already going to give a Passport size photograph and a Full-length Will Graph and You are going for the interview However if You are submitting It online Then if Interviewer Asked You for that That One of time you can give it to them so My Peaceful recommendation once again Will be not to place any picture on your resume a apart From That use proper bullets to highlight and do not Exceed The size of Your heading and sub-Contents inside the Heading all right. Make The Headings Bold It as well all The time and It Should Be in Common font Throughout Your assuming all Right Now Let’s talk about the email Address the common mistake a Lot of People do with Their email Addresses That They Add Very Funky mail Address Like Hey What’s Up me and write Hey I am the rock star @ or Professional Email Address Will Always Contain The first name and the last name so ensure that it is Your first name and your last name Club Together So for an Example [email protected] , [email protected],[email protected] These are the common Examples What i can give it to you all right Now They’re not a common Mistake People do That Would Be like They put the heading as curriculum Vitae or resume your bio-data at the very top That’s not at all required Guys Because when you are writing a Letter do you even write letter as a Heading or Application For leave no, not at all right so it’s so obvious that When you are going for the interview That’s your Resume your That’s a CV which you are going to give it to the interviewer That’s consumes a lot of Space so avoid that all right Now Your Resume Should Be free from grammatical errors typos and any Kind of Jargons never ever use jargons Like wanna gonnna These are all jargons do Not use a jargons All right It Should Be free from grammatical errors and to not Copy and paste your resume a from anyone else Try to Make Your own resume and Start from scratch you Can Always See the templates the best templates Which you can find in Google ok and on the basis that you can create a resume a Format can Be different That’s okay but the key contents that i spoke about Should be a part of The resume in All Right Now we Will be talking about getting a Printout of your Cv Right You Should Always Use Thick paper Go to the stationery and ask for thick resume a Paper or ask for watermark Paper okay Because That Really Looks Very professional The watermark Paper Looks Very professional and it Allows Recruiter to think that he has Invested a Lot of time in getting This Kind of Paper Because People Generally don’t do That and when you get a print Out Try to get a printout and Laserjet printer unlike Inkjet or normal Xerox Machines okay Because LaserJet printer Printouts Very Finest okay it’s very fine and If You add a Bit of Water then letters won’t smudge you know so that so That’s reason i was telling you That Use proper laser Jet Printer When you getting When you are getting a Printout of the resume and What i was talking about apart From that i Think i’ve Spoken almost all topic that i was Supposed to cover today and i’m going to set an Example By putting It on a template and Also I’m going to give you Examples of What to write and what not to write when you are Mentioning the Key Points Subheadings Like in Your objective or in your key Skills or Your extracurricular Activities or your Hobbies You can email me i’m going to give you the email Address in the description of the video If you have any questions and i hope It Was Very informative video for you if you liked It please do comment and do Ask me questions and I’ll see you back again guys Till the Time Bye-Bye

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  1. gave interview for jet lady took my interview she rejects me without any reason..she asked what is the role of cabin crew i answered this question very well..but one question in 2015 i did hotel management after that i left hotel line then she asked why i left the hotel that the reason why i got reject.. . i have more then year experience of international i mention this rather then hotel management on my cv… Please please reply

  2. Hello bro I have a one year experience customer service
    Can please tell me
    Interviewer questions and answers why u left a company
    Please tell your tips

  3. sir could you tell me about your job like your base city , what kind of service company provides you and about your working hour.

  4. hello ashish sir how r u..ita been long time u r not making videos..i r seems to be busy…make a video on ..qustion and how many rounds of interviews..?

  5. sir i am working in Ministry of Power, Central govt. as a secretarial assistant for 3 years on contract basis.. can i mention my this experience in CV?

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  7. And I have done my MBA through distance education from Welingkar business school, Mumbai last month. should I need to mention it on my resume

  8. Do the suit is compulsory for the interview or formal white shirt and black trouser with red tie is ok for the interview

  9. Thank u sir..i m just preparing for an canin crew interview ur videos is very helpful…ur info is very crucial and very important….

  10. Sir,
    Where did you trained for this job what's your qualification plus 2 or are u a graduate sir i am asking this because I gotta call from fr*nk*i*n and they told me that plus 2 is enough for this diploma course .sir which is the best way to go for training before plus 2 or after graduation plsss sir help me out.will i get job after completing my course ……. What would I do

  11. Sir I have just completed my graduation, I don't have any work experience, will this create any problem during interview?

  12. Hi,
    This is passang thendup bhutia from Sikkim
    I really liked your videos the way u motivating us…!! Thanks for that and can you tell me when is the interviews of goair cabin crew? Actually i didn't find any websites of latest updates. ..if u know can u tell me those websites like how to check goair interviews
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  13. Hello brother first i heartfully thank you for creating and making videos for us…brother could you write your email address for sending my resume and you should check my resume…its ok or any cardinal mistake or no brother could you please write in my comment box your E.I and i will send my resume..

    Thank you☺

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  17. Sir, I'm a fresher, I've no work experience and don't even have any training from any institution so can you tell me is there any chance to get selected or not?! I'm 25 years and have completed graduation

  18. Dear brother ,iam a cabin crew aspirant and um loving 2 learn and preparing myself through ur videos ,ur videos are very helpful and informative ur voice n pronunciation is quite clear n understandable.Please do continue to guide and lead us😇😇

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