Resume / CV how to edit and use? – Photoshop and Microsoft Word

Resume / CV how to edit and use? – Photoshop and Microsoft Word

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Hello and welcome today we’re going to look how we can use and edit this resume or CV whatever you want to call it this is a template we got it from envato market on graphicriver it’s made by profive link are in the description, a good-looking cv is very important for all of us a professional CV help us to leave the best impression in every job where we apply. It’s always good to have a professional CV ready to use when we need it. Ok let’s jump now and see how to edit it after you purchase and download it let’s take a look first Photoshop PSD files click on it to open you’ve got here in five colors blue, red, green, yellow, black and white. let’s start with blue, inside the blue folder you have the cover letter blue and resume or CV blue, let’s open resume here we got, let me zoom it first it’s well-made and print ready, let me hide this guidelines, let’s start to edit the text just grab the type tool, click on the text where you want to edit and type example your name here enter, same way everywhere where you got text contact information click edit enter, click edit, skills let me show how to change the skills level skill bar as you can see when you open it first it comes well organized in groups every layer in a folder, let’s start with professional skills skill 1 select field area and hold command T or ctrl T in the PC, then select the sides and move right, with mouse, right or left, right, left when you happy click enter, select the skills number 2 field area controll T, grab the side right or left, enter, in same way all this, after the skills let’s see how to add our image here, how we can add our image here, go to your image folder double click open your image select grab click the shift before you relase mouse button to place it in the center hold the shift and release mouse button. As you can see it placed it in the center if you need to make it bigger or smaller just again use Ctrl+T and change the size then when you happy click save, get back to the CV, as you can see our photo is here, you can move it a little bit to place it where you want, after that in same way we can edit and QR code open with QR code folder double click layer, open your QR code image but before that you need to create in the help file you got all instructions how you can when you can create in which site we use it to create this, this QR code here you got everything how to do it, after you save your image you change it, change it here put your own click save close, going to show here, language skills you can edit the same way just click in field area command or Ctrl T grab it, move it and enter. Ok now let’s close this, now let’s jump and see how to edit word version microsoft word version here you got this in this folder you got in doc or docx file all colors available, let’s open well to edit the text same way just click on the text change it, select change add your name enter and it’s ok, to edit the skills it’s very easy just click on skills blue bar grab in the corner and move left or right, left or right, how we can add our image here click on the shape driving tools, shape fill picture, select our picture, insert that’s it, everything in text in same way, same way language skills. To edit the QR code after you create it, picture tool change picture, select your QR code insert that’s it, as you can see word format is ready to print too. And that’s it thats how easy to edit this, if you have any question please write in the comments below I will do my best to answer, see you in the next video.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, this is looks great when printed, i tried in three colors until now, i don't know which to use as final print.

  2. Hello there! See your video feels very novel (^ ∀ ^), your production of two-dimensional code is their own production? still is? ? ? ? Forgive my English is not good, do not know if you can understand what I mean

  3. If I create my own design in Photoshop, how do I then convert that to Microsoft Word 2016 so that I can easily just edit the text? In your video you have a Photoshop (.psd) and Word (.docx) version. How do you take the .psd version and make it into .docx that is editable?

  4. A good news! Profive Studio just added a new updated version 2.0 for this Resume / CV, now this is much better plus they included a new Portfolio page with about me section and Business Card, to make this Resume on of the best in the market! Download link:

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