Relationship Problems – The Rebel (Developing Effective Communication)

Relationship Problems – The Rebel (Developing Effective Communication)

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[Music begins] Morgan Sontag BreakFreeTherapy dot com Appearing as The Rebel>>FEMALE NARRATOR: Do you ever feel like
the world is against you? Or that life is often unfair? Like at home, when the cable
company hikes up your bill one too many times.>>FEMALE CABLE CUSTOMER: I’ll show them!
I’m cancelling right now!>>FEMALE NARRATOR: At your job. Your boss
always telling you what to do.>>MALE EMPLOYEE: I’ll show her! I do what
I want, when I want!>>FEMALE NARRATOR: In your relationships,
when your spouse does something that you find really upsetting.>>FEMALE SPOUSE: I’ll show him! [sniffling]
I’m not speaking to him anymore! [noseblow]>>FEMALE NARRATOR: Hey! You just want what’s
fair, what’s right. You just want to be heard! But, what do you end up with? No cable.>>CROWD: Awwwww! [TV white noise]>>FEMALE NARRATOR: No job.>>FEMALE BOSS: Uh, you’re fired!>>FEMALE NARRATOR: And, no spouse?>>MALE SPOUSE: Bye bye!>>FEMALE NARRATOR: Could there be a better
way to handle things? The Rebel has its origins in childhood, when
kids are molded and coerced into doing things that are not a natural fit for them.>>CHILD REBEL: I hate ballet class. [Change to dreamlike music]>>CHILD REBEL: I wanna dance with the music. [Change back to original music]>>FEMALE NARRATOR: Even with these childhood
experiences, we can make different choices as adults. You can learn to advocate for yourself without
troublesome, rebellious behavior.>>CROWD: Yeah!! [Text] Tired of the trouble your Rebel brings to your life? Ready to Reclaim Your Life and Break Free? Contact Morgan at [Music ends]

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