Real Hunter Tracks Their Prey | Hunter: Call of The Wild • Professionals Play

Real Hunter Tracks Their Prey | Hunter: Call of The Wild • Professionals Play

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Oh truck animal call here we go dear it’s summer over here hey guys my name is Kelsey rose and I’m a hunter today I’m gonna be checking out a new video game called a hunter call of the wild my favorite thing about hunting is that it’s an experience that I share with my family I got into hunting because my dad hunted he really wanted me to kind of go with him and also get trained and gun safety definitely want to let people know that I eat everything I hunt I’m not one of those wasteful hunters you’re up at like three or four in the morning you are at your hunt site where the animals are up a disclaimer I am NOT a huge gamer gonna be interesting playing a hunting simulating game because there’s so many different components when you’re hunting that I don’t know if it’s gonna translate into a game one being like how much noise you make you make noise in real life and like animals are gonna flee like they’re not gonna like wait around I’m excited to see what kind of components they brought into the game that are a little accurate or a little not accurate alright guys so here we go I’m gonna get huntin I’m gonna go female because I’m a female hunter and I like to rep the female hunters of the world oh my god it’s so beautiful I haven’t try and find an animal track okay I have some type of repellent um it looks like a knife okay oh that’s a mating call try it oh my god what is that sound it’s binoculars those are fancy alright what else we got oh there we go alright anything else ooh three guns I’m really hiking I really would just play this game to like take in the scenery are there any animal tracking oh there’s something at the bottom an animal herd you lower your stance the noise meter Oh copy that okay examine track footprints use left control to crouch control there we go this animal is probably so far away from where I am right now found deer examine please examine this think about hunting and I’m sure this game also touches on a lot of waiting if I go through this Bush I’m gonna make all the noise in the world oh I’m tracking an animal so it’s like okay I’m on it I got it looking a little faster no yes I shall crawl up this hill I’m just so not realistic I like that there’s a noise factor to this though but I think that’s probably like the biggest part of the game it’s pretty realistic in the sense of like if you’re loud like obviously animals are gonna run you don’t track animals like this way there’s never lights on the ground you could hike in the complete opposite direction for like an hour and well that’s your day I will say the graphics in this game like look at this rock I get they’re like very impressive upon examining a track a visual cone will indicate the direction of the next track okay I’ll be that I’m gonna get this deer is it going back down I bet it’s in this valley this road here we’re gonna go for a jog I’m gonna go up to this like crazy-looking thing up there but I think that’s a big thing about hunting is like there’s not a lot of just instant satisfaction some hunters like using calls I don’t really use them I think there’s a lot of like tips and tricks and it really is just a personal preference if this is me in this actual game I would not just be running around with like a high-pitched go unrealistic part I would never carry three guns with me this hunter is a lot of stuff on earth right now oh there’s a question mark in front of me let’s see what this question mark is an animal has seen you at Wolf Man like I’m running towards the I don’t put an eye in front of me inspect oh my god you’re kidding me it’s a poem oh here’s like a big field let’s see what’s in here I don’t really use binoculars the thing is like one you hunt you have to carry everything you’re gonna use so I like to travel light because then you’re a little bit more nimble and you’re not feeling like so way down because also remember when you go big-game hunting once you get something you have to carry that back and let me tell you deer or not light Oh what on earth is that oh yeah here we go alright Crouch crouch come back come back oh it’s coming closer I think it’s over this hill so I think I need to go through look how realistic these this grass is this is like so crazy okay I’m getting closer and closer this fox it’s about to merge with the question word maybe if I switch to my cool animal collar okay come here little fox where are you little foxy thought oh my god this scope is so bad single shot no honey we just have one I’m just chasing this fox it’s its own realistic for what I do okay I think I’m gonna let this Fox live because it has to Bali enough right I think once you’ve run like four miles after a fox fox has earned its right to live I mean there are some people who I’m sure get very obsessive like they’ve like found a buck they want to hunt that bug all right let’s try and find another animal if you like in order to find a deer I need to go to a clearing though they’re like a feeding zone right here’s like a big open Valley but it’s all dead so I don’t think anything’s gonna feed over here for big-game hunting like it’s a lot more patience and a lot more time like tracking and stuff like this but hunting has become a little bit more commercialized I’d say so there’s a lot of ways to like bypass hiking 70 miles where is the body of water that’s what I want to find oh there’s another one right there let’s see if anything it responds to my call Oh truck animal call here we go dear somewhere over here I hear something moving and you thought of the water would begin to examine tracks of course I’m in like the loudest part of this entire Park Here I am let’s hold it it says trot or run that’s the stuff you and not now follow the blood trail oh my god finally examining your blood where is it like how like realistically it will say like if you shot a deer like that it’s very unrealistic for the opossum my dear go oh boom family of deer I shot it first down here and then I got it up here I think I shot a deer so let’s check it Sam in haha let’s run up on this look at that I’m firm trophy oh it shows you where you got him – I got her in the butt sorry lady wow that’s so crazy I got one it feels good it’s like that really proud moment that you have I took a lot of running and a lot of walking and a lot of tracking and so the same reason a lot of like people like to hunt is like it’s a really awesome feeling when you finally like get an animal and and you know that you you’re not just running and doing nothing but like I got one I’m good because realistically I would assume I needed to carry that deer right like my car now and like field rested so I think it’s actually a pretty good representation of hunting I’m very impressed [Music] you

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  1. This is the only game I play I am on max level if you really play this game and get past level 20 it gets very easy I’ve been playing this game everyday since the game came out

  2. Oh yeah, sure, let’s bring a person who kills animals to the show, that will be well accepted by millennials and centennials 4 sure

  3. The way she puts her fingers on the keyboard tells you she is not much exposed to technology 3:07 wonder playing CSGO, TF2,Overwatch or any other FPS game in general like that

  4. They need to add tree stands and trail cameras and Polaris rangers and corn and bean fields and squirrels and just make it realistic

  5. I live in an area where there's little to no hunting. Also, people need special licenses to hunt in specific areas because a lot of our wildlife is endangered (I don't live in the US). But it makes sense for people who own guns without having to apply for special licenses or qualify in any specific way to learn how to use guns safely.

  6. As someone who had hunted big game for 10 years, and played the game for almost 1, I wasn't sure how to react. I was like "Did she really not wait until the deer was broadside?"

  7. Until someone invents affordable meet with no nervous system nor feelings that's grown in labs, I think I'd rather stay a hypocrite that won't kill its own food and instead have sb else do it by slaughtering creatures only bred to get eaten that don't belong in natural environment and would never make it in the wild should anyone set them free, and just get their edible, prepackaged parts in the local grocery store. No I can't see anything satisfying in chasing an scared almost to death animal that just wants to keep living freely in its beautiful, natural environment and then rejoice about killing it, even if it's just a computer game. To even be able to draw any amount of satisfaction from it feels to me as parents of people who do did sth very wrong to their young minds. Killing is a necessity, ability to thwart empathy and have a kick at sth getting killed is psychopathy. And no, I won't go vegetarian nor vegan because it's just sad, miserable, tasteless, yet ridiculously expensive food (only leading to more environmental damage to natural, unique and very vulnerable wildlife habitats which are absolutely crucial for the survival of the planet AS A WHOLE which are located ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD where most vegans could see and they have it easier to pretend they don'T exist and self-proclaim themselves as saviors of the universe) I can't afford that makes people malnourished (especially when you're a female and lose a cup of blood every month for the most part of your life) unless you supplement it bucketfuls of even more ridiculously expensive vitamin pills that just make you hate your life even more, 90% of which doesn't get absorbed and just flies through your digestive system and flushing your now very expensive urine down the drain. Because I choose my and my potential childrens' life and our well-being over those of chickens, cows or pigs AND I LIKE AMAZONIAN FORESTS AND ENDANGERED SPECIES LIVING IN THEM.

  8. How about another hunter wearing a deer costume who also has a rifle and they try and hunt each other 1v1 in the real world? That seems much more exciting.

  9. Like the concept of the video, but her personality sucks – for sure coulda found a host for this one who was more of an expert with an eye for detail

  10. Reported for violent content. What drugs were you taking when you thought promoting guns and hunters was a good idea? What's next, Kasey from 100 baby wiping out the baby daddies with an ak-47?

    Awaiting triggered Americans

    Pardon the pun

  11. Plz, how to save my progress in the Hunter Call of the Wild? There is no "save game" button.

    Every time I start from start point of the game. Fu… tired of this! Thanks!!!

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