Qualified guide dogs

Qualified guide dogs

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It’s always such a proud moment, when we watch
a tiny bundle of fur grow to be a life-changing guide dog for a person who is blind or partially
sighted. These moments wouldn’t be possible without
your kind donations, so thank you! This is guide dog puppy Saffie, a golden 6
week old pup who is currently having her photo taken for her welcome pack photocard. Now we can see Saffie after she has all grown
up, with her new guide dog owner walking down the street. You can also see Saffie sitting with her owner
having lots of cuddles in the park on a beautiful sunny day. We also have guide dog puppy Cracker who is
running around and playing on the grass, he is a small black furry Labrador. Once Cracker was paired with his owner he
could help him coordinate his life outside. Here he is with his owner walking out of the
shops and down the high street after a spot of shopping. We also wanted to introduce Sparkle who is
a beautiful golden pup playing with some of her toys. Now you can see her striding along confidently
down a path with her owner. Looking around making sure she knows the way to go. The transformation of our black Labrador puppy,
Kara is remarkable. From playing with her brothers and sisters in a wendy house in the
garden. To now where she can be seen walking alongside her owner past some houses on their
way home. Thank you for making these life-changing partnerships
possible. We really couldn’t do it without you!

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  1. Thank you Guide Dogs for I am now on my third wonderful guide dog Ellis. These dogs have changed my life xxx

  2. I'm so proud of Saffie she is the first guide dog I have sponsored and I wish her and Usi many happy years together. I am now sponsoring Gismo who I hope will follow in her paw prints and become a much loved guide dog friend for someone ~ Well done Guide Dog Team!

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