Professional Septic Tank Pumping in Huntersville NC | Lentz Septic Tank Service

Professional Septic Tank Pumping in Huntersville NC | Lentz Septic Tank Service

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Toilets are gurgling, the bathtub is draining
slowly, maybe you have a wet area around your septic tank or leach field. These are all
very good indicators that your septic tank needs to be pumped. Don’t fret though…ALL
septic tanks need to be pumped out on a regular basis to keep the system operating properly
– just like you change the oil in car on a regular basis to prevent the need for any
major repair. When you have your septic tank pumped, it
is important that BOTH SIDES of the tank are opened and pumped out completely – even
if the lids are difficult to access. The baffle in the middle of the tank prevents complete
cleaning from just one side. Fats and grease float at the top of the tank,
while solids sink to the bottom, and can get quite thick over many years, so an agitation
process utilized by Lentz Septic Tank Service backwashes liquid back into the tank when
it starts pumping the lower portion. Essentially, liquid is blasted quickly into the tank causing
the solids to break up so that all of the contents of the tank can be sucked out completely.
The tilting feature on the septic pump truck is part of what allows this process to work.
While the pumpers have the lids off of the tank, the Lentz Septic Tank Service pumpers
remove the effluent filter (if there is one), clean it, and check for any damage before
returning it to the tank. Lentz pumpers also visually check for any
damage to the tank, the sanitary Tee, and the flow of water in and out of the tank.
We do this as a complimentary service for our customers, which could save on unnecessary
Emergency repairs that can be easily fixed before serious damage occurs. You will receive
a copy of the Evaluation Form that the pumpers filled out, letting you know what they noticed
and providing you with the next recommended pumping date.
Roy Lentz Sr. began installing septic tanks in 1958, then in 1974, his son, Keith Lentz,
co-founded & incorporated the Lentz Septic Tank Service you know today. Keith was taught
to always operate in business and in life honestly and with integrity, and to do it
right the first time, or go back and make it right. He has instilled these same values
in his children, and requires his employees to operate professionally at all times. If
any of Keith’s customers have a problem with their service, which does happen occasionally,
Keith immediately handles the problem and makes the situation right.
Lentz Septic Tank Service is an accredited business with the BBB and Emergency Service
is our specialty. If you have a septic system, Lentz Septic Tank Service wants to become
YOUR “Go-To” company for all things related to septic services. Give the friendly office
staff at Lentz a call today…you’ll see why eliminating your #2 business is our #1
priority. Call Lentz at (704) 876-1834

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  1. Got a question about septic truck, drove by one today next to the road
    and it was expelling water mist top of the truck near the front, is that
    clean or sewer water?

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in pumping septic tanks out for a living. So far I have noticed that I need to get a license in doing this and pay various fees.
    Do I need to do an apprenticeship with anyone or take any tests?


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