Professional Magician Reacts to IMPRESSIVE Dexterity!!

Professional Magician Reacts to IMPRESSIVE Dexterity!!

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– Yeah, what’s up guys? Welcome back. Before we get started,
I do need my coffee. So. Whoa. Whuh! What’s up? Top of the morning, or afternoon, or whatever day it is when you’re watching this in the future. We are taking a look at our
subreddit that we created. You can check it out below, by the way. I’ll leave the link if you want
to send me your own videos, or the videos that you
found on the internet. You guys submitted some more stuff. We’re almost up to 4,000 members strong. That’s crazy. 4,000 of you guys are posting
on that subreddit actively and we’re gonna take a look at some of the best posts of this week, or last week. So without any further
ado, let’s get into it. Oh damn. I just logged back in
here and as you can see, we are at 4,000 members strong. That’s dope. Can we make it five by
the end of this video? Uh, probably not. But we’ll see! So we’re taking a look at
the top post of this week. This won’t fool Chris,
but I need his blessing for his face on the king
of my 100% hand-drawn deck. Help me out guys. This guy, by the way, actually
sent me his deck here. I’ve got it somewhere. I remember seeing it, a
Red Fox playing card, so. (engine whirring) What’s he in an airplane? Hey, it’s me! That is a pretty
good-looking king of clubs if I do say so myself. You know, let’s have a look at that. Look at that! That’s actually pretty accurate. Hand drawn? Good job. Good job, my guy. You have my approval. Upvoted. Bing! Next up this is some amazing control. Ooh, some contact juggling. Gotta love contact juggling. Okay. Oh my god. Oh my god. Are those, those are dragon balls. That’s pretty cool. What? What? (dramatic music) What the hell is actually happening? Eh? He’s up to, how many are there? Six? I can’t count. That’s insane! He needs one more. Make it seven. Yeah, baby. Wow. His hands are like caterpillar feet. That’s what it is. That’s the trick right there. If you can get your hands
to be caterpillar feet, then you stand a fighting
chance in contact juggling. Good stuff. Next up, figure, what? What does it say? Figure this sub will use some meme. Says that Chris, I will
go real slow so you guys can see how it’s done. Also Chris Ramsay. (laughs) Come on, I don’t go that fast. Noted, guys, noted. All right? All right. Let’s go, perception here. That’s nice, I like that. No, no music. That’s nice. That’s really cool. This guy’s really good
at controlling his cards. Four kings. Ay, called it! (laughs) That was actually really good, dude. Clear cups and balls. What? Clear cups and balls. Nope, no music. Guys, I’m gonna mute. If you’re not talking, by the way, don’t feel bad if I mute your video. ‘Cause if it’s just music, I’m afraid. I just don’t want to get a copy written, you know get a strike on
my channel or anything. Clear cups and balls. Cups and balls with a clear cup? ‘Kay, interesting. That’s neat. So, Jason Latimer does a similar routine with a clear cups and balls. However, his cups and balls
isn’t only sleight of hand. It involves a really expensive table, and it, ooh! And it doesn’t only play with, uh, he doesn’t use sponge balls. But I love the idea of using
sponge balls with this. Wow. Because that’s really smart. And that looked, that
looked, I’m speechless. That looked amazing. Holy cow. Nic Suriano’s move
turned in a color change. Hold on. Interesting. Can’t turn that card around, however. Can ya? Yeah. Well, I don’t knew where the… Are you holding the phone in your mouth? That’s the real trick. Hole matrix, self-made. Okay. Very cool. Wow. Ooh! That last one, though. (sucks in breath) Pretty impressive gimmick building skills. By the way, these are my cards today. Some vintage Black Tigers. Look at these. These are one of the first custom decks that were ever created
in the entire world. Look at the faces of these. Ready for this? Boof! (laughs) Ooh. (laughs) Snap change gone wrong. What? (laughs) That’s great. It’s a snap change gone wrong. Or gone right! When you do a classic force and the spectator picks the forced card. Okay, I know this guy. I follow this guy on Instagram. I’ve reacted to his stuff before. – Hey guys. How neat would it be as magicians if we could just imagine that we have three silver coins. Just through imagining,
we could bring them into existence. – That’s really nice. That’s a nice production. – By thinking about it,
maybe we could change one into a Chinese. – Maybe. – This would save us a lot of time. We wouldn’t have to learn
complex sleight of hand. If I wanted the coin to change, I simply think it, and it happens. I think about such a coin
becoming a Chinese coin and it becomes a Chinese coin. – That’s so nice, dude. Wow. – I think about them changing back, and they change back. Things that were once very
difficult sleight of hand, become fairly easy. If I wanted to change to
all three silver dollars into three completely different coins, which would normally be
a fairly impossible feat, – Ooh! – I can accomplish it, – What? – just by thinking about it. – What an ending. Oh, he’s got the smoke and mirrors tattoo on his arm, from Dan and Dave. That’s pretty cool. This guy’s name again is Danny G. Danny? Oh, I forget his last name. Danny G., check him out. Really well done. Upvote granted. Snap deal color change times eight. I like the idea of this. Yeah, it’s really cool. Times eight, though. Ooh! That cleanup, though. Oh, I gotta try this. Nope. (laughs) I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I just tried, I can’t do it. Hats off. That’s really good. I don’t wanna mess it up here and give away some of the secrets. Now that’s what I call
a visual color change. Oh! The Dr. Manhattan Change by Orbit Brown. Really cool This guy, it says, Love this routine. No music. Oh, so that’s… Yeah, I mean, that’s cool, okay. So the thing is here, that’s
Mario Lopez’s routine. Mario’s a friend of mine. He never actually taught that. It’s cool that you went ahead,
you know, you saw the video, you found out the method
and you recreated it. However, usually when
somebody puts out a routine, and they didn’t teach it, if you’re performing it on video, or on stage, or anything else, A, you either have his
permission to perform his routine that he created. It’s kind of his art piece. And or you credit him at least. You know what I mean? So, I’m sure you do a great job, I just don’t wanna, you
know, kinda promote that. I’d rather promote Mario
using his original routine. No hard feelings. Chris wants some memes, here we go. How do you get a magician
off your doorstep? You pay for the pizza. Yes, so I knew that one. That’s one of my favorite magician jokes. A little idea I had. How is it? Well, let’s see. This guy looks like he’s in his dorm room. You should be studying, bro. Oh that’s really cool. Okay, so I get what you’re doing and it’s pretty cool. Pretty clever. Nice. Nice. Get an upvote from me. Color change I’m trying to get better at. What do you guys think? Um, definitely needs work. You’re flashing there at the end, too. I would say don’t do the
multiple color change, if you’re gonna do the Cardini Change, or the Coffin Change, or whatever you wanna call it. I would say after one, just stop there. I think that’s enough. You don’t need to go, mah mah mah, do this whole thing where you’re just like constantly like… ‘Cause I think that’s weird. Who would do that? Would be like, watch the
card, watch the card, watch, watch, watch, watch, wtch. You know what I mean? I think eventually people get the hang of what you’re doing. Stick to one change, and make that change. Don’t just like do the change for nothing. If you’re gonna use it, be like hey, that’s not your card? Watch, bam, there’s your card. Just my advice. You asked for it, so there you go. Here’s another quick idea I had. Wait, what’s this? What the heck? What’s going on? Is this the same guy with the knife? Yeah, this is the guy that made the knife disappear on the last video. Yeah, I still don’t know what’s happening. All right guy? Get a life. You get an upvote. When the spectator flips his hand, messes your two-card monte. (laughs) Real street magic. Eh? It looks a little staged. Snap change with a phone Ooh, interesting, let’s go. Oh! I mean, yeah. Yeah, you had to stop the video there. All right. Let’s maybe look at one more here. Last year I broke my arm,
but it didn’t stop me. (tapping) (rattling) I mean, that’s really good. Great job. So sick, upvoted. When you’re using some type of stack and ask them to cut the
deck but they shuffle. Yeah. I mean, hey. You know, deal with it. All right guys, there
are so many posts left for me to check out. I don’t wanna make this
video a 45-minute video. If you guys wanna check out
some of the other posts, which are also probably super dope and really interesting, help some of these people get recognized, or help them work on
their sleight of hand, or just give them your
thoughts, your input, feel free to join the
community down below. Just
is the subreddit. 4,000 members strong, guys. Thank you so much for
indulging us with your magic. Thanks for watching. If you like this video, go
ahead and hit the like button. Don’t forget to subscribe
if you aren’t already. And this week, as I mentioned, we got a very special
guest hanging out with us. I can’t wait for you guys to meet him. And I can’t wait for you guys to learn what I’m about to learn. But we’ll save that for later. Take it easy, and we’ll
see you on the next one. Peace. (mellow jazz music)

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