Professional Magician Reacts to GENIUS Magic Tricks!!

Professional Magician Reacts to GENIUS Magic Tricks!!

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– Yo, what’s up guys, I’m here with 4 time US
Memory Champion Nelson Dellis! Say hello Nelson. – What’s up guys. Nelson’s got a YouTube channel as well, and we’re featuring him this week. Don’t mind yeah, he sort of
mapped out his mind back here, we’ll get to that on Friday stay tuned. I’m just gonna show you
a little bit of a trick! So first of all, do you know how to open a deck of cards? How long does it take you
to memorize a deck of cards, by the way Nelson? – My personal best is 29 seconds. – 29 seconds, you memorize
the entire deck of cards, if I told you where’s the king of hearts, you would tell me exactly where it is? – Yep. – That’s pretty impressive. Remember this card? Y’all can’t! (laughter) Touch a card. That’s perfect, take it. Show the camera. And I want you to sign
your name on that card. It’s okay if I see it at this point, just go ahead and sign your name on it. You don’t go around signing cards do you? – I have, but not often. – Okay, so that would make
that card absolutely unique. So even if I were to put it
in the middle of the deck, it might decide to jump all the way up. What’s that, the 9 of clubs? – Yes. – Just go ahead and push it into the deck. (finger snaps) – [Nelson] Okay, Oh shit! (laughter) I’m such an idiot! – Nelson, thank you so much! I look forward to– – I don’t know if the trick’s over or not. – The trick’s over for now. Actually the tricks not over, actually I’m gonna show you
1 last thing you can do here. So, watch this. This card is going into the deck, and Nelson could you, actually, let me see if
I have my phone here, hold this? And put your hand on top of it. Here we go. We’re gonna travel in time right now. Give me a number between 0 and 10. – 8. – 8, perfect Nelson. Look, we’re gonna travel, look at the time here. We’re gonna travel exactly
8 minutes in the past. – [Nelson] Oh, okay. – [Magician] You ready? – [Nelson] Yeah, let’s do it. – [Chris] Watch, watch the time. Four, five, six, seven, eight, 3:10! May I? – [Nelson] Yeah, please. – [Chris] Nelson, 3:10. – [Nelson] What, what? – We traveled 8 minutes in the past. Nelson, before you even
opened the deck of cards! Nelson have a look. Back when the deck was still sealed! – Wait. (laughter) I don’t know man! That’s crazy. (laughter) – And that’s sealed! Yo what’s up guys! And welcome back. First of all, hope you enjoyed that intro. If you did enjoy that trick, and that’s something you want
to learn, that last phase? This trick is called nirvana. I left a link below. Basically this effect
takes an opened deck. In an instant, visually, transforms it into a sealed deck of cards. Completely sealed, and examinable. Something you can hand out,
and leave the spectator with. Which is, I think, is amazing. It’s 1 of my favorite card effects, as you know red pill that
I released a long time ago, was along the same lines. I personally believe this to be better, because it’s just a lot more practical. So when I saw the method, I
was absolutely blown away. It is a gimmick, which is super cool, but you do end clean. There’s a way to end clean,
and I think it looks great. So guys, if you’re interested
in purchasing that effect, I suggest clicking the link below. You got 10% off for one
week, but not only that, you also get 90 dollars of magic free, when you order it with the link below. That 90 dollars of magic, is basically the Paper Engine
trilogy by Aaron Fisher. Which has a whole bunch of;
color changes, controls, cool pop out moves, all sorts
of really visual card magic, at a 90 dollar value. Completely free as a download,
when you buy this product. Plus you get 10% off. It’s a good deal! If you’re into magic, into cool gimmicks, and into blowing people’s
minds, definitely check it out. I left the link below, you
have one week as of now. Lets get into the video! Yo what’s up guys! Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed that intro, and hope you enjoyed those
effects, that magic trick. One of the coolest things
I’ve seen in a long time, in terms of the gimmicks so, don’t really promote these things often, but this is a really good deal that, if you’re into magic, you
probably shouldn’t pass up on. It’s magic Monday, we’re
talking about stuff that’s going down on the Reddit page, which by the way has just
hit 5.5 thousand members! You blow me away every week, and fool me. But this week I’m not getting fooled. You fooled me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, wait. Shame on… Fool me three times? Not gonna happen. We’ll go to top of this week. She, I only day boys who do cardistry. Me. (upbeat music) (cards shuffling) Coin magic only practiced
for 3 months, how good is it? Wait wait wait wait wait. Start over! How good is it, yeah okay. It’s better than me is what I’m gonna say. That’s how good it is. What are you 12? What are you 12! Can’t be doing incredible
coin magic when you’re 12. What! I’m sick of you guys being so damn good. Those happy feelings. Ah, music. He’s got the super NOCs, alright. There goes the queen. This is the ace. That is a beautiful change oh my god! Okay! I’m gonna be out of the job soon. Pen color change, let’s go. Wait what? Okay, that’s also very good. I actually teach that on my channel. So maybe you learned it
from me, just saying. Maybe he does it better than me. Just saying. This is my body. This is my blood. And this, is your card. Wow. (laughter) That’s hilarious. Magicians, ACR, triumph,
ace assembly, travelers. Normal people, card trick! This is true, this is very true. That’s how they see us. Why when you take a deck of cards out, and if they’ve seen that deck before, they’re gonna say: oh I’ve seen this one. Right? When you love coin magic so much. Oh my god. What’s he gonna do with all these coins? This is the same kid! I can’t escape him. Cardists when they hear the word cut. Are you challenging me? I don’t think cardists really
accept challenges like that. But hey, just a quick change! Picked up the cards
again after many years. That was pretty. You should’ve never put
the cards down my guy, wow! You should’ve never put the cards down! You’re incredible! Upvoted, Andy Jay Magic, boom! Ready one, three, 52 go. What does that mean? So it’s a top deal, a second
deal, and a bottom deal. I see, one, three, 52 go. That’s actually really good dude. What’s this now? Beginning artwork on another
face card in my deck, the broken queen of hearts. Let’s have a look at this. Dude! That’s insane, great
artwork, and very original. If you like this transpo, what do you think it should be called? Let’s have a look. Oh music. We’ve got four tens, we’ve got a king, we’ve got four kings. (upbeat music) Nothing in the box. (upbeat music) I’m not fooled you’re fooled. (upbeat music) Okay, haha. You’re the one who’s fooled, not me, haha. Maybe call it I give up. Bending paper clip with my mind! Is he really though? Is he really bending it with his mind? Yo that’s actually really good. I know what you did there, and it’s actually really well done. So good, it looks so good! I never thought a colored paper clip actually gives that effect
a lot more value in my mind than just like a nail,
or a silver paper clip. What’s next here? Don’t try to frighten us, with your sorcerer’s ways Lord Vader! But is this your card? Color change! Let’s see it. (upbeat music) Nice, I’m not gonna lie, the left hand was a little sus. I suspected something, but
other than that really good. Yeah, that’s one of my favorites. Fraco Pasquale does this color change. That’s a good sequence! Oh, very nice! Ivan magical 70. Guys got some chops. Started watching your cardistry tutorials, and now I’m making my own cuts. Thank you Chris. Let’s see it. Whoa dude! That’s insane! See, when I hear a kid go,
I watched your tutorials, and as crappy as I may be at cardistry, like if I got this kid into cardistry, and he started to come
up with stuff like this? Like that’s worth it dude. 100% worth. 100%. This is my buddy Alex Boyer. I love this thing, look at this. I’ve seen this before
I think I shared this. I tweeted this. Look at this. So original. Whoa, that drop though. Do you like this move I created? It already exists. So good. Yeah I feel that too dude. 100%. This feels like an attack. (laughter) This meme, (laughter) this meme is in Tarbell. Oh god it doesn’t stop. What do I think about this? (upbeat music) Yeah looks good man. Whoa. The verbal force. Coffee or tea? Tea. So we’ll eliminate tea,
which leaves us with coffee. (laughter) That’s like that old joke which is like, Antoine, do people say
equivocate or equivoque? – [Antoine] Equivoque. – Equivoque. Okay, we’ll get rid of that one. (upbeat music) This guy, “no edits, no accomplice, “just found a dope way to
clean up the lasers snap”. All right, let’s see it. Oh I can’t hear you, hold on. Dude if you put music in the
background, I can’t do it. We’re gonna have to mute him. Let’s see it. Still wanna see it though. See, I like the idea of
pretending it’s gonna go into that crack, cause
that’s really smart. (upbeat music) Where did it go? I know it’s not there. I know it’s not there. I know it’s not there. See that’s where– okay, I’m not sure what he’s saying, but it’s probably like “I bet
you don’t know where it is.” and I’m gonna be like, you’re right. That’s his little palm routine. (upbeat music) I mean, it’s cool. (upbeat music) I like that. Ooh that’s nice. Yeah, that’s a nice touch. See this first part, here like where he does the hand thing, although it looks cool, this
here, with the triangles, it’s like, what a weird way to show that you’re hands are empty. You know what I mean? If you’re like, oh look,
nothing in my hands. Nothing in my hands. Nothing, look. No there’s nothing. No, look, I’ll show you
both sides of my hands. You know what I mean? Little bit sus. Little bit sus. What’s this? Magic for cats? (laughs) Dude. Dude, this cat. (laughs) This is so good. This cat is amazing. (laughs) I never thought I’d see the day where magic for cats was
actually fun to watch, and it wasn’t just like
a cat ignoring you. Practicing Richard Turner’s
one handed shuffle. Let’s see it. (upbeat music) I still got a hard time
with the one handed shuffle. Man, that’s really good. Fairest C2W I know. Card to wallet. Okay, signs card, yup, we get it. Random card. (upbeat music) Goes in the middle. Yeah, yeah. I know what this is. I know what– You’re gonna put it in your breast pocket. It’s good handling though. (upbeat music) Ooh. (upbeat music) Okay. Okay. That’s super clean. Super fair, super clean, amazing. Correct me if I’m wrong, Extractor Two. One of my favorite tricks
to get a card out of a deck. However, the way you got
it from outta the deck into your back pocket wallet, insane. Very good. All right, we got time for one more. This one says impossible enough. Let’s see. (upbeat music) (silence) Huh? I said I wouldn’t be fooled today. What are you doing to me? (upbeat music) Okay, I think I know what’s happening. I think I know what’s happening. Follow me here. Back palm, obviously. But, the card is green on the other side. You know what I’m saying? You picking up what I’m putting down? Catching what I’m throwing? Okay, one more, one more. This guy says pack small. Let’s see. (upbeat music) Yeah, okay, enough of you. Reddit, you’re done for the day. You’re done for the day, all of you. I’m just done with all of you. That’s enough outta you. I’ve been fooled. You guys are getting pretty OP here, with your magic demonstrations. You guys wanna take part in the fun? And even find a great place
where you can talk methods, talk about playing cards
or puzzles, or magic, or cardistry, or anything else, go ahead and join the Sub-Reddit below. 5.5k members strong, trying to make it 10. Challenge, I’m laying down the gauntlet. If this video gets 20,000 likes, and our Reddit page gets 10,000 follows, I will do a giveaway. It has to happen within two weeks. If it happens after two
weeks, it’s nullified. So you got two weeks. Smash Like, smash Subscribe
on that Reddit page, which is linked below. And I’ll be hosting a big giveaway. Alright guys, remember
also to check our Nirvana, which is the effect that I preformed at the beginning of the video, if you want to get that $90 packaged deal and 10% off, seven days only. Thanks for watching and we’ll see y’all in the next video. Peace. (upbeat music)

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