Professional Instagram Photos (HOW TO PREP FOR YOUR FIRST PHOTOSHOOT)

Professional Instagram Photos (HOW TO PREP FOR YOUR FIRST PHOTOSHOOT)

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17 thoughts on “Professional Instagram Photos (HOW TO PREP FOR YOUR FIRST PHOTOSHOOT)”

  1. Like they say "A picture is worth a thousand words." This is so spot on, when taking photos at my restaurant clients I like to incorporate their brand in the background of the photo, such as a menu laying underneath the plate of food I am taking a picture, or a to go bag with their branding on it etc. So fun to be creative in a subtle way. Thanks for another great teaching Sue & Team!

  2. Great tips as always, thank you Sue! I’ll have to try a professional photo hoot to up the game on my Instagram. I’ve been adopting a lot of your tips and I’m making progress, but still have a long ways to go.

  3. You've inspired me to get personalized props. I'm an author so I am on my computer alot #sueblive

  4. Perfect timing! I am starting to get settled with photographers and been brainstorming about what/where/etc.

  5. Thanks Sue, I'm currently working through a rebrand and this info is like "GOLD"! I'm on the search for my props as we speak, heading to a bric a brac store now. TVWxxx

  6. Great tips! I had no idea what type of photos I wanted on my first branded photo shoot for Instagram. This would’ve been great to have!

  7. You ladies are way ahead of me lol. I am fairly new to Instagram. First, thank you Sue for sharing. I don't know how to DM you.☹️ I have a few questions I wanted to ask. I'm not shy, I just don't want to sound dumb. I'm hoping you can help me. Melinda

  8. So many great ideas!!! I couldn’t agree more with planning your outfits 🤣!!! And I love 💕 including my dog too!!! Always learning … can’t wait to check out the check list 🙌

  9. I have definitely got to set up my brand photoshoot and this includes professional ones for my IG. I will definitely incorporate plenty of cooking/baking props. Thanks Sue B!

  10. guess i gotta learn how to take good pictures of rugs. maybe different angles of people laying/walking on them? animals as props idk

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