Professional Image Speech


Hi everyone! My name is Aaliyah and my major is Public Relations this is my Professional Image speech. So I’m
just gonna list some of my strengths and weaknesses and why I would be good in
this career field. So I’m very good at using social media and staying up to
date with current events and I feel like that’s a very important characteristic
to have. My strengths are being really tech- savvy and learning things easily.
When I interviewed my manager Stephanie Franz she said that social media is a
big factor in business on the day-to-day basis because of how much it’s evolved
nowadays and how big it is and everyone’s lives. I think I’d be a good
fit because I can administer crisis control, maintain positive relationships
with clients and advertise via social media and all of these factors are
really important characteristics I have no matter what job you have or like what
field you go into because these are all aspects that you’re gonna have to
maintain and take care of, so I think it’s nice that I have these qualities
because I can use them no matter what I do!

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