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– I’m so glad this isn’t
like real life. I don’t know if I could do this
kind of job. – Aw, dude.
I did see this. We did a case in Garden Grove
and I saw something that looked just like this. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – (FBE) So on this episode,
we’re gonna be playing a brand new game
called Devil May Cry 5, which revolves around
three demon hunters who are humanity’s last hope
against a demonic invasion. – Okay.
I’m actually excited to try it, since I do this on
a daily basis. – I’ve liked the other games,
so let’s give it a try. Any exorcism or demon
related anything, I have to look at. – I’ve heard of cursed
video games. I don’t know if this
is one of them, but I’m having a reaction
before I even start playing. – (FBE) Who better to test
out the authenticity for this game for us
than you guys. Tell us what you do
for a living. – Yes, so I am weirdly
a non-denominational exorcist. Taking the demons out
of people for the last ten years. – I’m a psychic medium
and I work– my specialty is really
cleansing and clearing of locations and people. – We make up the company
Keep It Weird and it’s part paranormal research,
part investigation, paranormal investigation. – I’m a paranormal investigator.
I honestly have dealt with everything from demons
to aliens. – I run a metaphysical shop
and I’m a tarot reader, reiki master, but I found out
along my journey I’m good at the darker
side of spirituality. I come across demons
quite a bit, so they’re really fascinating
to actually work with because I’ve gotten to
the point where I don’t get scared of them
and I can actually talk to them, so it’s pretty cool. – (FBE) Before we get you
set up with the game and as you’re playing,
we wanna hear what you guys think about
the gameplay and if there are any parts
that you feel like you can relate to
or remind you of some experiences in your field.
– Okay. I’m excited, so I’m ready
to do it. – I’m excited.
Who knows how I’ll do. I haven’t touched this game,
so we’ll find out. – (soldier) Hold the line!
– Oh no, oh no. – Oh my gosh. – Aw, this is awesome. – Those are pretty scary. – Oh, well it’s the 15th of June. – (soldier) What’s happening?
What’s going on? – Aw jeez.
No, come on. No. – The demons look like bugs. – Is that me? – (Nero) You look like you
need a hug. Not gonna get one from me.
– Ooh, you’re cool. – (soldier) Hey, who are you?
Hey, you’re gonna get yourself killed.
– (Nico) Don’t crap yourself. He likes to kill demons.
– That’s you. – That would be me. – She looks badass. – (soldier) One-armed
son of a bitch. You’re gonna die.
– (Nero) Cheer up, crew cut. – Oh, cool.
– That was badass. – This guy’s taking care
of business. – So this arm does everything. – (Nero) Time to kick some ass.
– I wish I had that kind of gear. – Am I–
oh shoot. Are you se–
come on. Nice. – Oh, we’re starting.
Okay. – I hope I didn’t just
use up a weapon there. – So what’s on your right arm
right now? – I don’t know.
– It’s a bubble. Where’s the cool claw? – Get him.
Come on. Oh, come on.
Yeah. – I’ve never actually fought
this many demons at once. Seems difficult.
Most people don’t realize this, but places and spaces
can actually be held by entities as well,
so you can have possession of a space,
like this, but not quite like this. – I like it.
It’s fun, but it’s definitely not like the real thing. – Ooh.
Oh, that was cool. – Thank you.
– You dragged him in. – There are a lot of things
with tentacles out there. I think the other side,
some of them actually use imagery that we’re
used to to really try to scare us. – There are demons that are
definitely not human form, so to speak, but these guys
in particular, this is more plant-like.
I’ve never really had plants, but you never know.
There are actually thousands of different
kinds of demons. It’s really different than
people think. – Are you guys having issues
with the electronics? – (FBE) Not yet.
– Or with cameras and stuff? – (FBE) Not yet.
– When you play this stuff back, look for orbs and listen
for EVPs and stuff because you’re actually
probably gonna pick up stuff because there’s always
stuff following us around, so hopefully you guys
aren’t having too much of that stuff.
This is just nasty. This is a nasty looking
beast right here. – Oh, I see,
so this is a boss. Get out of here.
– So we probably want to obliterate that brain thing?
Is that it? – I’m not that good at
using these weapons, clearly, so I better stick to how
I actually exercise demons versus this. – I’m so glad this isn’t
like real life. I don’t know if I could
do this kind of job. – Come on.
This guy will not die. – This is definitely nothing
we’ve encountered on one of our ghost hunting trips.
– No. – I’ll say that
and thank the good lord above for that. – Did I get it?
Yay. – That was awesome.
I actually felt like I was there. Most of the time, when we’re
dealing with something demonic, we don’t know what it is,
so it could be something from this game, you know.
I mean a lot of the stuff that we’ve dealt with
isn’t supposed to exist. – See?
– What do I do? – Oh and then that’s your camera.
– To have a little bit better of a view.
– (Nero) Catch up to V, fast. – Who’s V? – There’s an earthquake or some–
what the heck? – Oh now this is creepy.
I’m getting the chills with this one. – Are these guys all burnt?
What’s going on here? That’s cool. – Debris?
Oh my gosh. – What?
Are people just ash? – Ew, they’re just blood vessels.
– So they’ve been sucked dry by bugs mcgee. – This looks like some of
the castles I’ve heard about. – I’m ready to murder
all the things. No, that changed my mind.
I’m not. – Oh dude.
I did see this. We did a case in Garden Grove
and I saw something that looked just like this
in the deceased husband’s office. It was a hooded figure
and one night, one of our investigators
was staying in the bedroom behind the husband’s office
and she came out and looked at me in shock
and said, “I’ll never doubt you again.”
She saw the same thing. – There is an entity
that I do see all the time called a Wraith that is
extremely– well how it presents to me
anyway, ’cause I always say I can’t guarantee it would
look like this to everyone, but how it presents itself
to me is very elongated and very skeletal. – They can present themselves
in any way they want really and so if you’re afraid
of something, they’ll present that way. – Ah! – This is some cool music. – Ah, it was you, sir.
That’s what we needed. – (FBE) So now we’re gonna
jump to mission four, which introduces a brand new
character named V who has spirit guides
aid him in battle. He’s one of the three
playable characters including series hero Dante
and Nero being the other two. – Okay.
That sounds fun. – Bird.
– (Griffon) So V, you think this kid can kill Urizen?
– Who’s Urizen? – (V) One can only hope.
– Ooh, the bird is cool. – (V) But for now we have
a more pressing engagement. – Oh, he’s cute.
– He is. – Main character is a little
emo there. Ready to go and do some
damage, apparently. – I like this character.
He’s a little bit more goth. – Clearly I’m into the goth
tattoo situation. I mean, this is what I look like
every day. – The bird looks awesome.
– The bird is amazing. – I love the wings,
the shininess of the wings. – This’ll be cool though,
’cause spirit– having a spirit guide,
his animals with him, I think that’s probably
more realistic when we aren’t–
what we’re doing, we aren’t doing this
on our own. – (Griffon) Get rid of
those demons quick. – The bird is so cool.
– (Griffon) ‘Cause dying is whack. – Oh my word.
– Is that a panther? – I am not going to do good
at this. – Is that what you’d call him? – Oh, so I’m attacking
by using the animals? – Okay, so these guys
are pretty hardcore. – That’s cooler.
I honestly– I have a panther spirit guide,
so he actually accompanies me a lot, so I was like,
that’s kind of cool. If I am removing demons
from a home for example, sometimes I see my panther
spirit guide there with me actually attacking some of them,
so I don’t have to do everything, so it’s a little similar.
I’m like, oh, it’s so cool. – Nice.
Oh that was sick. – You get to fight three
different characters at once. – Right, and they’re all
doing something different, but being amazing.
– Yeah! – Slow motion kill!
– Well, I beat it. – Well, you win.
You won the game. – I won the game. – All right, now I clearly
saw I have to go this way. – To the train tracks. – Whoa.
He’s pissed. Oh, what the hell? – What? – I like how the music starts
when you start demon hunting. – This is awesome, wow.
Did I get him? Whoo. – My spirit guides
aren’t effective in this game. Except the bird will shoot
somebody for a while. I don’t know what’s
going on. – I already like this character
better than the other one, it was all about weapons
and this one has helpers. – Okay.
– (V) Rest in peace. – Totally.
– Rest in peace. He has good one-liners. – Oh, you know when there’s
still music, you haven’t gotten everybody. – It’s my slow motion
finishing move there, just like real life.
– (FBE) We would love to play all day,
but we’re gonna stop there for today.
– Nice. This is fun.
I like this. – I’m a big fan.
– I love this game. – You know, I feel like
it’s on par with what I thought,
’cause I played, not this one, obviously,
but these before, but it was really fun
and you can pick it up really fast.
That, I like. – (FBE) So what’d you think
of the actual game yourself? Did you see why people
enjoy it so much? – Absolutely.
– Oh yeah. – I’m buying this game.
This seems like a blast. – It’s really fun to play.
If you’ve never played games before
and you’re intimidated by trying something new,
this is a good game to learn on. – I really had fun
playing this game. I liked the different
characters that I got to be. I like being able to use
the spirit animals. – (FBE) So finally,
obviously this game isn’t real and there are
also so many people out there who will say that demons
aren’t real either. What would you say
to those people? – Well that’s cool for the
people that don’t believe them because sometimes ignorance
is bliss, but sometimes– I mean, you see the evilness
in the world and you know that there is
darker, lower vibrational energies that
are responsible for some of that stuff. – It’s very hard to imagine
something as crazy as this being real unless you
have experienced it firsthand. – If they’re not gonna believe,
they’re not gonna believe, but I mean, I have
photographs of stuff similar to what’s in
this video game. I can’t explain it myself
and I don’t think anybody else in the paranormal field
actually can either. Things that aren’t supposed
to exist do. – If you’re being skeptical
about demons being real or not, that’s great if you can
be in that place, if you can live in that world
where you don’t ever have to have that proven false,
but there are things over there that are real
and they’re dangerous and if you get yourself
in a low vibration kind of situation, you might end up
dealing with something like that. – I never try to convert anyone,
but I will tell you that no matter what you
believe in, demons believe in you. – Hi guys, JC here,
producer here on the React Channel. Thanks to Devil May Cry 5
for sponsoring this episode and helping us create
content that you love. Go pick up your copy
of the game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC today.
Go check it out. Bye, guys.

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  2. As a professional DMC series gamer, the most thing that pisses me off is their gameplay… it's killing my spirit 👿

  3. Here's the thing, people like this attempt to pin the evil of the world to dark powers, or something that can be fought, because they can't come to terms with the fact that these evils are human. They can't comprehend that someone of the same race could do horrible things, so they shift the blame to demons.

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  7. I can understand how some people might think this is stupid but you should have a little more respect because no one is forcing you to believe in anything but you should also accept that other people believe in something that you don't believe in and yes i can't be sure that they're not lying but at the same time i can't be sure they're

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