Professional Chef Reviews Pizza Gadgets

Professional Chef Reviews Pizza Gadgets

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  1. I've had pizzazz makers foreverrrr. I LOVE them!!! There is a 'dual' switch on mine however that does top & bottom at the same time. You can cook frozen foods on it, heat up leftover pizza… idk it's great overall. Got my latest pizzazz at a rummage sale brand new in box for $5!!!!!

  2. Bruh. There are too many variables being changed and no control. Which means its hard to judge how well these gadgets actually work

  3. "this should be a staple at ..italian pizza…" not exactly what he said but that's an insult to italians. 100% just eat it regularly.

  4. Honestly, why have a cross between a pizza cutter and fork because no one eats pizza with a fork!

  5. Hello, it's-a-me, Mario! Whoo hoo! Okie-dokie! Let's-a make a pizza pie together. You go and get-a some sausage. I'm-a gonna get-a some spaghetti! We're gonna put-a spaghetti and-a sausage in the pizza. Then-a, I'm-a gonna chase-a you with the pizza. Then-a, you're-a gonna chase-a me with the pizza!

  6. What happened to the toxic assholes who were cursing out everyone on the comment section of a recommended videos. Now its just 8 year olds on their moms i-pad and quotes

  7. If you eat pizza with a fork and you’re over the age of 9, you deserve all the judgement in the world.

  8. He said the pizza cutter is a 0/0 so technically it scored every possible point…. so I guess it’s a good product lol

  9. I don't know who needs to hear this but:
    1) ' burrito size' flour tortilla (or stack up 2 for thicker crust)
    2) tomato sauce from a jar ("pizza" sauce costs more but adds better flavor)
    3) cheese
    3) toppings of your choice
    4) 375 degree oven for 8-10 min.
    Boom, delicious thin crust pizza for 2 dollars (more depending on toppings). Better than 8-10 dollar frozen ones all day long. 🍕 🍕

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