PRO-MIX Professional Organic Growing Media

PRO-MIX Professional Organic Growing Media

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Premier Tech Horticulture offers a full
line of products for organic growing. These products can be used for edible crops
such as vegetables, herbs, small fruit and organic flowers, in anything from
basically plugs for seed germination applications or for potted plants, cell
packs, and even larger containers. One of the unique features about Premier Tech
Horticulture’s product offering for organic production is we offer active
ingredients that can be incorporated into the growing media to help with
nutrient uptake or even disease suppression. For germinating seed or
producing plugs, we offer the first product: our PRO-MIX PG Organik.
PRO-MIX PG Organik is composed of fine peat moss, fine vermiculite, as well as coir to
help with water retention. And to that we also add an organic wetting agent and an
organic starter fertilizer charge that lasts about two to three weeks. The second product
we offer is the PRO-MIX MP. The PRO-MIX MP contains sphagnum peat moss, coir
fiber and perlite. To that we also add an organic wetting agent to help with water
absorption, we also add calcitic limestone to bring the pH of the mix up to
5.5 to 6.0, much like the PG Organik, and we also add a starter fertilizer charge
that consists of basically a poultry and sea weed combination so that it feeds the
plants for up to the first two to three weeks. The last thing that we have in the
PRO-MIX MP would be the active ingredient MYCORRHIZAE. MYCORRHIZAE is an
endomycorrhizal fungi which colonizes the root tips of the plant, and the hyphae
from the mycorrhizae will grow out from the root tips out into the surrounding
soil to bring in water and nutrients. One of the nice advantages of mycorrhizal
fungi is it gives off a natural enzyme that helps break down some of the organic
molecules to be able to release those…, basically, those nutrients are bringing
to the plant. So the nice thing about mycorrhizal fungi is you don’t see that
stall that usually happens between when you first start growing in the mix like
that to when the fertilizer charge is broken down enough for the plant to use
it. So you get that nicer transition. Another feature that can be added to the
PRO-MIX MP would be our active ingredient called
BIOFUNGICIDE. BIOFUNGICIDE is a natural bacterium, it’s not genetically modified,
and it’s called Bacillus pumilus. This bacterium synthesizes an antibiotic
which suppresses basically damping off, crown rot or root rot caused by the
fungal organisms Alternaria, Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia. So that’s a nice
feature to have in the product because in organic growing, it’s very difficult
to find any type of fungicide you can use for disease suppression. So by having
it incorporated into the product, it’s in there for the life, basically, for the
life of the plant, so you don’t have to worry about as much with the root
disease issue because you have that natural suppression. So for organic
production, Premier Tech Horticulture offers basically a complete line from
PRO-MIX PG, where you can start your own seeds, all the way through growing the
end product in the PRO-MIX MP. So whether you’re growing your own seedlings and
you’re selling them, you can use this product, or whether you’re producing your own
transplants for field production or you’re growing plants in pots or even in grow
bags, the PRO-MIX MP will satisfy that need. Thank you!

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