Privatize your Facebook Profile in prep for interview/job application


Once an employer searches your name in Facebook or Google they have access to more than just your resume. Let’s fix this so your social life doesn’t get in the way of a great career opportunity! Go to your setting’s page here. This will bring you to your General Account Settings. You need to go to your Privacy Settings here. There are two areas to look at. 1) You’re Activity and 2) How people find & contact you. You want to look at the second set of options. Typically settings are automatically set to ‘Everyone’ or ‘Friends’. Each setting will tell you exactly what it’s for and what you can keep certain people from accessing. You want to change your settings appropriately as shown here so that you have more privacy and potential employers will not be able to see all aspects of your social life! Just like that, you now have max privacy and the chances of a potential employer seeing your account are no longer there!

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