Preparing your Job Application


Hi, I’m Vanessa and I’m part of the
Workforce Services team at South Western Sydney Institute but we like to call ourselves SWSi. In today’s video I’m going to
provide you with some helpful information and tips on how to best prepare your
application when applying for a position within SWSi.
All of our positions are based on selecting the right person, for
the right job incorporating their’s skills, knowledge and experience. Let’s start with compiling your application. You will
need to include a cover letter, a current resume, name
and contact details of a minimum of two referees and selection criteria. In addressing the
selection criteria I suggest that you use each selection
criterion as a subheading, from there you can use
dot points or paragraphs. Where possible it is highly recommended that you use examples that demonstrate
how your skills, knowledge and experience meet the
criteria and how they relate to the position you
are applying for. Now I’m going to give me some examples
of selection criteria that you might see advertised when
applying for a position within SWSi. I’ll also give you some helpful tips on
how to address them. It’s important that when you address
this criteria about your qualification you state exactly
what you hold, where you completed it and when.
A verifications of qualifications form should also be completed and attached to
your application with these details. Our next criteria talks about teamwork. Here you would need to provide the relevant
examples of how you have worked and contributed
within a team environment. So, How was this achieved? and What was
your specific role in achieving team goals? Just remember, don’t fall into the trap of simply just
describing the criteria. Try and put it in a workplace context and our last criteria talks about your
written and verbal communication skills. have a think about all the different
ways you communicate with customers or
clients. Do you run training sessions? Are you
writing any formal reports or letters? Also, Are you holding any face to face
meetings perhaps? Also, justify what you think is imperative in having good
communication skills. Just remember to check your work, use your spell checks and where possible get a friend or family member to review
your application and provide feedback. So just remember these are only examples of selection
criteria that I have shown you, once you find a position that you wish
to apply for insure you read through the selection
criteria listed in the advertisement. For any more
information on addressing selection criteria please
feel free to download an information package listed in the
advertisement and flick through to page five. So, after you’ve addressed all the selection
criteria you will need to upload any qualifications that are
relevant to the position you are applying for. You
will also need to complete any compulsory forms as part of your
application. These include, proof of identity, the declaration form and the CRIMTRAC form. These three items form part of the
compulsory working with children check and is
required for anyone that is recommended. All employment within the department is
considered child related. This brings us to the end and we hope
this video has provided you with some helpful information on how to prepare your application when
applying for a position within SWSi. Ensure you give yourself enough time to complete your application and try not
to leave it to the last minute. For any further advice or information please for free to drop us an email, or alternatively you can always call us. Good luck with
your application.

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