PowerPoint – SNL

PowerPoint – SNL

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  1. I have to admit, this year they finally got some funny team for the SNL. It's been many many years without funny players but now. Wow!

  2. She said we fixed it in the next slide. We were trying to create music videos- we were arrogant…..had me rolling.

  3. Fun Fact:
    The symbols they are using for bullets in 0:38 is the sigil of the Eld which is the mark of “The White” that The Gunslingers use in Stephen Kings The Dark Tower Which Idris Elba starred in the shitty movie loosely based on

  4. I doubt know what's funnier, those two mooks, or how idris elba's american accent is only almost good

  5. And Bitch, brush your teeth.
    Im on the floor, laughing out loud. I wish there was an abbreviation to say that.

  6. Funny sketch blah blah but what I need to know is WHERE IN GODS NAME did they get Kate’s waistcoat!? Or if the SNL wardrobe department just made it, same question re the fabric!? Did they raid a smoking allowed diner from the 80s??

  7. "I wipe the best I can, but there's always more." <— I know this frustration. So I bought a bidet. Now, I walk around everywhere smiling and confident that should any foxy lady have the urge to toss my salad, the bowl is clean as a whistle. It's a good feeling. Confidence…good times….

  8. 1:36 Kate made Idris Break Character. "We made trash, sir!". Kate McKinnon is LETHAL. Never do LIVE improv with her. She'll make you break character in seconds.

  9. The best part about this sketch is that I know if my mother was asked to create a PowerPoint presentation, the results would be similar.

  10. Idris Elba really is a great actor and really shows when he's a main character. Why I hated him being more of a side character in the MCU.

  11. Those anyone know a video or episode of something where a guy has a drive with smart stuff and the other guy made one of a cat and then they traded and at the end the guy got fired and the other guy got A+

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