Park Ranger Career Information : Park Ranger Qualifications


To become a state park ranger in Utah, probably
the first thing you need to focus on is your education. They do require a Bachelor’s Degree.
They typically like it in recreation management type of degree. You can, a lot of universities
out there have good recreational programs so it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have
to come to Utah and go through a university in Utah. Any university will have a good recreational
program so that is the first thing you need to consider. The second thing you need to
consider is that you do need to go through the police academy so that you would become
a full fledged police officer in Utah and you need to do that that is typically a four
month program here in Utah. When you get done with your program or the police academy you
would go to your park and go through what we call a field training program. A field
training program is where you are with an officer most of your time and they evaluate
you and make sure that you can do the job properly and help you out because you are
not going to know everything once you get out of the academy. So those are some of the
things that you do, that you’ll need to consider if you want to become a park ranger in Utah.
Some other skills that you need to have is you need to have some basic maintenance skills,
probably some basic accounting skills. Those things that we mentioned a little earlier.
We do some other things besides law enforcement. Again we do accounting at the parks, we take
care of money, we do a lot of maintenance so as a park ranger you are wearing a lot
of hats so if you can come to this job with some experience in some of those other fields
that would be a good thing to have as well. We also have some computer programs that we
use so there is a lot of things that park rangers do that probably normal law enforcement
don’t do and that is just typical and part of the job and that is kind of a good thing
because it breaks up the monotony most of the time because you can be doing one thing
and then have to switch hats so it is a good job.

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