Parallels Between Applying for Presidency and a Civilian Job Search

Parallels Between Applying for Presidency and a Civilian Job Search

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have
been working hard for your vote, but when it comes down to it, which one of them is
actually qualified for the job? I talked with two experts to look past all the
scandals and campaign drama to break down their resumes and see who has the skills
to be our leader. Most times when you think of your presidential candidates we
talk about them being elected but essentially the presidency is a job like
any other and at the end of the day they are being hired. When you look at Hillary
Clinton, she’s your career politician. So this is somebody like many other job
seekers out there where they’re continuing on in the same career path
and we want to see have they demonstrated success in the past and is
she going to do the same thing in the future. When we’re looking at Donald
Trump it’s a little different. We’re looking at someone who’s really a career
changer and there are so many people out there that feel the same way. Because we
know we’re getting with the establishment, then we have somebody
outsider coming in he does have transferable skills on paper and we’re
still trying to figure out if it’s transferable because of what we’re
seeing it’s not consistent on the brand side of it when it comes to social media and
other things when he gets in person public. If you’re putting that kind of
information out there and it doesn’t match your resume, you know you have
definitely conflict, conflict of interest. Now is this something you still want to
bring into your organization because it depends on the kind of culture you’re
trying to give. So we should be looking at the organization as in terms of the
country, are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton going to be able to work with
Congress and work with the American people is that what you’re talking about?
Yes basically any job seeker that goes in for an interview, twenty percent of that
time is spent assessing do they have the skill sets to do the job, can they
actually get the job done, but the other eighty percent of that time is really
spent determining are they going to fit in well with the team that they’re
joining and the organization as a whole, the corporate culture. If you like the
culture in your company, you’re going to hire an executive that matches the
culture. If you have a culture in your company that you’re not happy with and
there’s somebody that maybe other executives that you’re really not happy
with, you might want to bring that person in to be confrontational, to try to build
that kind of culture that you’re looking for. So we want to look and say hey
are you actually going to fit in with this team because you can have the best
skill set in the world, but if you’re not going to mesh with the team around you,
you’re not gonna be able to accomplish anything. So that’s why they’re bringing
Trump in, because if they bring him in and put him up against these people, he’s
going to disrupt everything when you when you’re disrupted, you’re thinking
you disrupt your thinking you’re open for education and retention. Some people
are saying they want Trump in there so he can disrupt everything and find out
if they can even get along if they can’t get along maybe there is a change that
needs to be made. Yeah let’s talk about Hillary Clinton real quick. The
perfect candidate on paper. Even though she is a career politician, you can look
back on her resume now and see and go through and check the boxes and find out
if she’s perfect and on paper she is. At this moment does she match what we’re
looking for in that position? That’s still left to be decided. So it’s really interesting to look at
them just on paper but one of the big takeaways from this is are they going to
fit in with the culture and you know we as voters are the ones who are hiring
them for the jobs when we go into the voting booth we are hiring the next
president of the United States and they said eighty percent of it is that, can
fit it can they fit in? I like that they brought up social media because I think
even everyday people like us when you’re applying for a job these employers go
online they see what you’re putting on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Worthy and thoughtful segment. be interesting to see this as a.follow up series on Civic duty. Episodes e.g how to voice dismay properly to state representatives to federal representatives, beyond posts in social media and protests in streets. Most Americans were not taught in school how to get involved, let alone be informed. Follow up would be both funny yet informative on how to deal with someone who has potential but is screwing up their chance by not following norms and procedures. W2s are still missing from HRs file, costs overrun from projected travel costs and 25% of office hours are being spent not collorabting with world leaders but with colleagues. "Ahem golf course, not expected"

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