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Hello there and welcome. I’m Bob Proctor. I wanted to talk to you
about forming a habit that’ll literally change your world. I formed this habit a long time ago, and I’m going to tell you, my world changed like night and day. It worked for me. It’ll work for you. But before we get into it, I want you to come back in history with me to September the 12th, 1962. For the eyes of the
world now look into space, to the moon and to the planets beyond. Our leadership in science and industry, our hopes for peace and security, our obligations to
ourselves as well as others all require us to make this effort, to solve these mysteries, to solve them for the good of all men. There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict
in outer space as yet. Its hazards are hostile to us all. Its conquest deserves
the best of all mankind. We choose to go to the moon. (audience applauds) We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not be they are easy, but
because they are hard, because that challenge is one
that we’re willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win. Do you know what John Kennedy did there? He made a decision. That was a decision. It was a big decision, and it
changed everything forever. Well, do you know, decision is something most people never really
learn, and for good reason. Stay with me, ’cause I’m going
to show you something here that you possibly have
never looked at before. This book changed everything for me. In this book, it’s Napoleon
Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, There’s 15 chapters. There’s one chapter, the entire chapter is
dedicated to Decision. Now, you may say, well, I make decisions. Do you really? You may make little ones, but do you make the real important ones? Do you go after what you want in life? Do you get everything you want in life? See, the truth is, only about
three percent of the people are really living the
way they want to live, driving the car they want to drive, taking the trips they want to take, living in the houses they wanna live in. Most people do not, and they’ll
tell you why they can’t, and they’ll give you a string
of reasons a mile long. All seem very practical, very reasonable, and the leader of them all
is, they can’t afford it. Well, the truth is, we live in the richest country
in the history of the world. Money is the easiest thing
in the world to earn, once you learn how. Well, if you turn making
a decision into a habit, you’re going to learn how
to do a whole lot of things you may think you can’t do. See, what we’re doing is
we’re exploring a side of our personality that we
really don’t understand. Now, I photographed a page out of here. Napoleon Hill said “Those
who reach decisions promptly and definitely
know what they want, and they generally get it. The leaders in every walk of
life decide quickly and firmly. That’s the major reason
why they’re leaders. He said, the world has
the habit of making room for the man or woman
whose words and actions show they know where they’re going.” And he went on to explain
why we have difficulty here for very good reason. “Indecision is a habit which
usually begins in youth. The habit takes on
permanency as the youth goes through grade school, high school, eventually through college,
without any definite purpose. The major weakness of
all educational systems is that they neither teach or encourage the habit of definite decision.” Now, why is that? Well, the truth is, most people really don’t know. We’re dealing with a
side of our personality that most people do not understand. What you see here is not me. This is my body. You never hear anyone say, am hand. You see, we’ve got to take a look at the non-physical side of ourselves. Lincoln, President Lincoln
put that very well. He said “To believe in the
things you can see and touch is no belief at all, but
to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.” Well, let’s look at this. Making a decision, we’re going to into the
unseen part of ourselves, using faculties most people
don’t even know they’ve got. You see, Einstein said “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift,” while he said, “The rational
mind is a faithful servant.” He said, “We have created a
society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” What is the servant? Well, there it is there. It’s our sensory factors. We can see, hear, smell, taste, touch. What are they for? They’re to help us
correspond and communicate with our outside world. But you know that the
physical world is nothing but the manifestation of
the non-physical world. That’s right. Here, we’ve got something that’s
nothing short of a miracle when we look at it properly. This is a little cell phone. It has more power than the computer had that took the first
rocket to the moon. Think of that. And I’m carrying it around in my pocket. I can touch a button and bang, like that, send a picture to you, and you’ll get it, simultaneous
with me sending it. How does all that happen? Well, it happens because we’re dealing with the non-physical side of ourselves. We’re dealing with just pure power. How do we get at that? Well, we’ve been gifted. We’ve been gifted with something no other from of animal life has. We have these higher faculties. You’ve got perception,
memory, imagination, will, reason, intuition. I want you to shift your perception for a moment of yourself. You know, our good friend
the late Wayne Dyer, he put it very well. He said, “When you change the
way you look at something, what you look at will change.” Change your perception. Do you know the reason most
people don’t make decisions? ‘Cause they can’t see how
they’re going to get there. So what do they do? They keep doing things that they can see how they’re going to get there, and that’s why their life
never really changes. Stick with me here for a moment. Think of you. You are a mass of energy, and
you function on frequencies. That’s what you are. Take a look at yourself. Here’s a shot taken by
Kirlian photography. Semyon Kirlian was a
Russian who perfected a form of photography way back in the early 30s. It’ll photograph mass
where you can photograph the energy leaving the body. There’s a glow of energy around you. This physical thing we live
in is a mass of energy. Well, we’re going to be talking
about the non-physical side. You see, a frequency is
a level of vibration. Do you know vibration is a
natural law of the universe? Everything vibrates. Nothing rests. We live in an ocean of motion. Now, there’s an infinite
number of frequencies. Now, get this. Let all these lines represent
levels of vibration, okay? Levels of vibration, as we said, are referred to as frequencies. You and I think on frequencies, the highest function we’re capable of. Now, here’s where you
really wanna pay attention. This, if you get this, if I
communicate this effectively, your life can change,
’cause it sure changed mine. We think on a frequency and the frequency we think on
dictates the results we get. So, we’re sitting here and you
see, these are the results, but this is where I really wanna go, and we point to a star. Some say, what do you really want? I really wanna be wealthy. Do you know that most people never live the way they really want to live? They don’t. They never earn the
amount of money they can. They don’t live in the house
they really want to live in. They don’t take the vacations
they really wanna take. Why? Because they don’t know how. You see, when they set those targets, they look off into a space, and they see nothing. Now, look here for a moment. These lines represent levels of frequency, or you could say levels of awareness. But when we set the target way up there, it’s all gone. We don’t know how to get there. Think of that. Think of what Steve Jobs says. You cannot connect the
dots looking forward. You can only connect
them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots are going to connect as you go ahead. Now, that’s pretty big. If you’re going to look at the unseen, you have to use the higher faculties. That’s what Einstein talked
about, the sacred gift. We can use faculties to
look into the future. We can go into the future
with our imagination and see ourself where we
wanna be a year from now, and then bring that into the present and begin acting like the
person we wanna become. So, let’s go back and look at this again. We’ll say, that’s where I wanna go, and I’m going to get there. Now, we do make decisions,
but then we say, mm, I’m not going to start yet. I’m going to do that as
soon as I get the money. I talked to a young couple. In fact, I wrote about them
in a book, Pat and John. I sat with them in a hotel in Toronto, and they said they wanted to buy a house. And I said, well, go on out and buy one. They said, we can’t buy a house. We haven’t got any money. I said, you don’t need any money. They looked at me rather strangely. I said, what do you need the money for? You haven’t made the
decision to buy the house. Do you see, you don’t need the money until after you make the decision. A person says, I wanna take a trip, and I’m gonna go as soon
as they get the money. You don’t need the money
to make the decision to take the trip. I’m going to start my own business, as soon as everything’s right. Things are never going to be right. You’ve got to make a decision. Now, do you see, when
you make the decision, everything starts to change. Look at this for a moment. You’re thinking down
here on this frequency, and that’s what’s giving you
the results you’re getting. If you want to go where
you say you wanna go, you’ve got to get on that frequency. You see the truth is, you’re not thinking about getting there. You’re letting the present results repeat, and that’s the star you’re shooting at. You’re going to get the
same results over and over and over again, as long as
you keep your thinking there. You’ve got to get your thinking
up on this higher frequency. Because when you get on that frequency, the thoughts and things
that are going to come into your mind will take you there. How do you think we got to the moon? Kennedy didn’t know
how to get to the moon. When he asked Dr. Wernher von Braun, who’s considered the father
of the space program, what will it take for us to build rocket to carry a man to the
moon and bring him back safely to earth, he
said the will to do it. The will is one of your higher faculties. That’s what Einstein was talking about. The will gives you the ability to focus on one thing to the
exclusion of everything else. When you focus on that one thing, you’re on that higher frequency. How do you do that? Well, first, you’ve got to
make a decision to go there. You see, your mind and thoughts must be focused on the same
frequency as your goal. How do we do that? We make a committed decision. That’s where I’m going. And when you make the committed decision, it’s irrevocable. You cannot go back. You shut the past off. You begin thinking on
this higher frequency, and you think and act like
the person you wanna become. Does it sound preposterous? That’s what the Wright Brothers did, and they introduced us to a new kingdom. That’s what Sir Edmund Hillary did. I had the good fortune
of working with him. He was a beekeeper from
Auckland, New Zealand. He was the first person to
ever climb Mount Everest. He didn’t know how to get
to the top of that mountain until after he got there. He trusted in the image
that he held in his mind. You’ve got to trust in the
image you hold in your mind. You’ve gotta think like the
person you wanna become. It takes a decision to get
up on that higher frequency, and the secund you make the decision, everything starts to happen. But you’ve gotta believe you can do it. The moment your belief
matches with any state, the higher frequency is the state. The moment your belief
matches with any frequency, you fuse with it, and this
union results in the activation, the projection of plots and plans and conditions and circumstances. Things start to happen. Think about it. You’re going to a dance. You need the new dress. You make a decision you’re getting it. You don’t know where
the money’s coming from, but you’ve gotta have the dress. You get the dress. You want that car. You make a decision. You get the money, you get the car. The moment your belief
matches with any state, you fuse with it, and this union results in everything that happens. Now, look. This new state of conscious awareness becomes your home from
which you view the world. You’re operating on a different frequency. Don’t expect a lot of support
from the people around you. They don’t know what you’re doing. They probably think you’ve
gone a little crazy. But listen. In your workshop, and if you’re observant,
you’re going to see your outer reality shaping itself upon
the model of your imagination. Do you wanna know the beautiful truth? This works like unadulterated magic. It does. This is what all out
Proctor-Gallagher Institute programs deal with. I want you to control the flow. There’s thought energy
flowing to and through you. It’s flowing freely to and through you. Make certain it improves
everything that it connects with. You’ve got all of this
power locked up within you. Utilize it. Go after what you want. Quit going after things you
already know how to get. There’s no real game in that. Don’t compromise. Go after what you want. It’s not that easy, but I’m
going to tell you something. It sure is worthwhile. Turn decision-making into a habit. And when you do that, everything changes. See, I didn’t go back to school. No formal education. I didn’t gain any business experience. I made a decision and bang, away I went. And everything started to fall into place. I opened offices in different countries, different cities. I earned all kinds of money. I had money coming to
me while I was sleeping, and so can you. In fact, if you turn this into a system, you can earn more money
when you’re sleeping than you’ll spend when you’re awake. Decision. It’ll change your world. (steady guitar music) Check us out at for tips, tools, and resources.

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