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North Korea. The Hermit Kingdom. Home to one of the craziest, most oppressive
regimes in history. And thanks to my producer, that’s where I’m going today. What’s that Matt? What do you mean we’re going to North Korea?! If you couldn’t tell from the constant stream
of soldiers, barbed wire, and intense security, North and South Korea are technically still
at war. And even though you can come here on a bus
tour, as the tour guides are only oh so often ready
to remind us, this is not Disneyland. The DMZ, or demilitarized zone, is the stretch of land separating the North
and South Korean border on either side about 2 miles wide. The Korean War sort of ended with an armistice
agreement in 1953, when the two militaries pledged to end “any hostile act within, from, or against
the demilitarized zone.” Then they filled it with landmines. What’s on the other side of those white posts? Landmines. Lots of landmines. Occasionally, you’ll see the remains of an
animal that stepped on one. Did I mention this is not Disneyland? To get here, I travel up the un-ironically
named “Freedom Highway.” Everywhere there’s a monument to war and destruction, to the horror of bloodshed, the… DMZ themed restaurant, premium outlet malls,
and Popeye’s chicken! Also, there was this creepy empty amusement
park. This is the Dorasan Train Station. It serves as a tribute to the hope of a one
day unified Korea. Though technically, the Korean Peninsula could
be unified tomorrow if the south would just accept the benevolent
leadership of glorious leader Kim Jong-un. Hypothetically, one day you will be able to
take a train from Seoul through here to the North Korean capitol Pyongyang. It obviously does not currently connect. On the way to the North Korean border, I took a tour of this cramped, narrow tunnel known as the Third Infiltration Tunnel. It’s one of many North Korea dug in the hopes
of launching a future invasion on South Korea. Though since it’s hard for even one person
to stand up in, and it’s 27 miles from Seoul and has no oxygen
vents, good luck sending your troops through. I sure wouldn’t want to have been a North Korean tunnel digger. Now we’re on our way to the Joint Security
Area, where I plan to actually cross the border
into North Korea. After passport controls, I have to sign this visitor declaration that
says, amongst other things, this entails the entrance
into “a hostile area and the possibility of injury
or death as a direct result of enemy action.” Is it too late for second thoughts? At last, we reach the actual border between
North and South Korea. See that North Korean soldier there, watching? Is this really a good idea? Sure it is! I go into one of the blue buildings on the
border. “Uh, excuse me. So what country are we in
right now? Think about it. We crossed the border line. So we’re in… North Korea! North Korea this side. Wow… Are you scared I’m ready to defect. Oh I am so ready to go back to South Korea. And here I am. As we leave, A flock of birds fly over the rice paddies. For them there are no borders. I take a moment to reflect on the delicate
balance struck in this place between the tragedy of the past and the hope for the future and to enjoy the chocolate you can only get
in the DMZ! This is Chris Chappell, thanks for watching
this episode of Korea Uncensored?

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