NOMAD Base Station Hub — Technically Speaking


I’m Andru Edwards and you’re watching Technically Speaking brought to you by National Car Rental. As a tech expert, I’m always looking for the best tech to give me speed, choice, and control during my business travels. Here’s the tech that’s in my bag for this trip. This is the Nomad Base Station Hub wireless charger. It’s compact and a huge time saver. With its 18-watt output capacity, it maximizes charging potential, quickly supercharging up to four devices at the same time –including 2 phones and Airpods in their charging case, so you can be confident that all of your devices have a full battery while you’re traveling. And as an added benefit for road warriors, the Nomad has an ambient light sensor that dims LEDs at night so you can get a good night’s sleep on the road. With the Nomad Base Station Hub in your bag, you’ll be ready to go like a pro on your next business trip. I’m Andru Edwards, and I’ll catch you in the next one.

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