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In this video we can learn that How can we search for a NDT job students asked me that sir sir how we can find ndt jobs using internet we don’t know the way to find… most of them asked me that I Am from Maharashtra but I don’t know how many ndt companies located in Maharashtra like few from Tamilnadu Andhra Pradesh and telangana They are asking only that where I can find NDT jobs How many companies present in our states and we want work in our states only so In this ndt job search video I want to show you a way to find ndt job in india and overseas we can also learn how can we able apply for ndt job This my Channel : Chalkpen Educational Academy Please Subscribe it press on bell icon by this you can find my video on correct time Now get ready to know how we can find ndt jobs look at here open new tab or type in search bar www. nabl- india .org www.nabl-india.org www.nabl-india.org www.nabl-india.org just press enter or ok here you can see the website Nabl National Accreditation board for the Testing and Calibration laboratories look at the tabs go to “Laboratory Search” Accreditation Laboratories Click on it now we can see new page for example if you are from Maharashtra type…..or select Mah… select city ..for example if u want to look in Nagpur Nagpur Scroll Down Scroll Down here set the field check Testing we require after that Discipline Electrical and Electronics ..Fluid Flow Yes..Non Destructive Testing ok now we have to press “Search” directly Come down here you can find ndt jobs total 3 records found this means you can get information regarding nagpur ndt companies These 3 companies had NABL Certificate so These 3 companies are NDT companies Material Testing Laboratory..Ordinance Factory Gio Tech services Becquerel Industries PVT ltd we can see address along with phone number and email address of companies note phone number an email address you can get contact with company with these details Definitely you can get the ndt job or you can get idea about companies which are located in our city as NDT company for example here in becquerel company they have given full details to contact like telephone number make inquiry Tell them about your willingness to do job look ..here it is email id bipl …. like this you can search about all companies here you can select what may be the state you want to look for like we selected Maharashtra Thank you Subscribe the channel I will upload more videos

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