Myth : HIndutva Unites India? Refuting Rajiv Malhotra!Praveen Pagadala

Myth : HIndutva Unites India? Refuting Rajiv Malhotra!Praveen Pagadala

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Myth 3: Hindutva ideology keeps India united

5 thoughts on “Myth : HIndutva Unites India? Refuting Rajiv Malhotra!Praveen Pagadala”

  1. മാളയേക്കൽ ജേക്കബ്ബ് തോമസ് ഫ്രാൻസ്സിസ് സൈമൻജോസഫ് says:

    Modi shah RSS group betraying themselves.
    Modi erected sarthaar v.patel unity statue.
    Patel United & created a India under Constitution.
    Now modi group planning to unite on braminical manusmrthi.
    Did Modi erected an epitome for Indian Constitution & Democracy or what? ???
    The nation wants to know.
    Now I understand why he did not take Trump to Patel statue! !!!!
    Why modi took Trump to MK GANDHI ashram.
    We clearly saw Trump team was compelled to visit sabarmathi.
    Trump team reactions are evident.
    Modi & co patel & gandhi cry
    Because modi & group wants Constituent subservient to manusmrthi India.

  2. What unites people is High Morals, integrity and respect for fundamental rights of others. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, encouraging good history/research/archeology, science.
    Hindutva can never win anyday. Hinduvta divided India for centuries and could not unite.
    Constitution and strenghtening law enforcement and equal rights to all sections of society is what unites INDIA.

    death to caste and death to bribery..!

  3. You fool where you have read that all nonsense.
    You are part of breaking india nexus. Hinduism is Hindutva in all languages.

  4. You need to have open debate with some scholar. I know it will give you free publicity.
    You are challenging history.

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