moonchild aesthetic makeup ft. colourpop! (sailor moon x colourpop collection)

moonchild aesthetic makeup ft. colourpop! (sailor moon x colourpop collection)

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100 thoughts on “moonchild aesthetic makeup ft. colourpop! (sailor moon x colourpop collection)”

  1. i always wonder if whenever you do these kind of make up you stay with them for the rest of the day or you just wash off right after, bc i'd feel so bad taking them off when they're so pretty and took such a long time

  2. NINACORE !! Its supercute. Happy to see you trying new things and coming our of your comfort zone, really suits you

  3. this is so cute! in italy it’s nearly 11 o’clock and i have school tomorrow but i’m here watching this aha

  4. when she was putting her hair in buns I thought she would say it was inspired by sailor moon but seulgi works too

  5. This may sound weird but you have such lovely nose 🥺 basically I love your soft facial features, you’re just so pretty 😤

  6. I kinda wanted to see how you did the buns !! When I try I cant get them right much less use the bobby pins 😭

  7. squeeling!!! omg i saw the thumbnail and i knew!! I only have the eye palette and the lip colors from colourpop cause everytgung else sold out

  8. i love you you're my role model you inspire not just me, but thousands of others to just be confident in who we are and i want to thank you for that. i love you nina aND YOU'RE SO DARN CUTE

  9. my goodness nina, you look gorgeous! you literally took my breath away with that final look! as someone who has always struggled to do a heavier makeup look even if I feel like it, this is so inspiring! I think I might try dressing up a little tomorrow…maybe like a moonchild too! and also, i'm ambidextrous too, so that's super cool! but anyway, I think if namjoon saw this look on you, he would fall for you instantly <3

  10. Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful.🤗😘😊

  11. the gem you put at the end looks like choi san's on ateez answer live it's so gorgeous. i love the way you do your makeup so much Nina 🙂 plus your voice is so calming.

  12. when the video started I immediately was once again like “wow she is so so beautiful” and at the end of the video I felt like my mere mortal eyes could not handle the beauty of the moon child🥺🥺🥺

  13. does anyone know where you can buy the body glitter individually? they are so pretty but are sold out on the site 😭 i kinda want to use it for my bts concert look ngl

  14. excuuuse me i really need to know where you bought the face gems you showed 🙂 I've been searching at every store but I just can't find any T.T

  15. yasss Nina channeling Choi San’s Star 1117 vibessss 🤩💙 I’m sooo hyped for ATEEZ’s American leg of their tour!! Ah, I already have my concert outfit picked out.

  16. does anyone know if there’s a way to just purchase the Sailor Moon eyeshadow palette or the lipstick bundles without the other stuff?

  17. I love this look! It's so pretty and fairy-like. I'm always scared of blush too and at first was like, "Woah! That's a lot of color.". The end result is just so lovely though.

  18. oh my gahhh at first i was kinda skeptical about the look but then you completed it and im in love this is such a gorgeous look i wish i could do that<3 <3

  19. This is so artistic, I loved watching you discover what this look would become as you worked.

  20. this is such a pretty makeup look!!! i love the concept and colors and everything you look so pretty🥺💗🌙

  21. im super in love with san as well
    ㅠㅅㅠ +++ this look is super adorable too, would really love to recreate it aaaaaaa ♡

  22. tHis is just an option but i feel like whenever u start these makeup vids you should make the intro "lets play with some makeup today"

  23. Im moon child,
    U r moon child,
    We r moon child
    Love u all

    Happy birthday to Min Yoongi yay
    Also….NINA u look Soo beautiful… NGL

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