Moms Snoop Through Their Sons’ Phones [Technically Speaking]

Moms Snoop Through Their Sons’ Phones [Technically Speaking]

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– [GASP] – What’s that? MA! What are you
doing! NO!
– Oh my god! QUE ESO!? – Yea I’m a mama’s boy. I tell
her most things. I wouldn’t say I tell her
everything but – – And I eavesdrop on everything
else. – My mom is awesome. She’s cool
and she is strict. – Currently single, because of
this drama queen right here. – It’s all about me, mom, so no
we don’t have time for that.
– Yeah….. – You want her to have my phone? – I am never allowed to touch
this phone. – Is it getting hot in here? – This is the first time I’ve
ever seen his phone. – Not only there is a code when
you open the phone, there’s a code for the text
messages too. – I am going to open his phone
and find his text messages to
his girlfriend. – We like talk about sex, so&.
– Oh good! – She calls you puss?
– Its not puss, its poos. – Puss?
– Short for pussy. Okay? – Where’s his clothes? Where’s
my child’s clothes? -NAKED! You showing all these ridges in
here? UH-UH. – How long do we have to do
this? – Who’s that? It says “my queen”. Now I
thought I was my son’s queen. This has to be my son’s queen
cause she’s all over my child. – Oh this is Jessica. She looks
cute! – Just a few, just a few, you
could stop at a few. – Hold on, let me just make
sure. – Yeah, you talking about
pictures you got more pictures
than me! – Oh you still going, you still
going. – That’s cute&
– Okay. – Mommy got you – don’t touch
this. – ” Boy her booty was looking
like molten lava.” – Uh-hohhh, okay okay. – Why do you write stuff like
this? – Mom, it’s a joke. – Here you might have something
and you like hiding it from me. – I’m like praying. – Be nice to her. Treat her
– Of course. – And I wanna see who she is,
how tall is she. Be looking her up and down like
“You know I know”. – We’re really in love. – Oh my god Marco! – What? It’s 2016, what do you
expect? – Come over here. I’m gonna
count to 5. – I’m done y’all!

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  1. My mom looked at my search history and she said "Why the fuc* did you search are Peeps made out out of Pee & poops"
    I had the right to remain silent..

  2. I actually wish I had a black mom, theyre so nice and have such a good, chill vibes. usually they let you have a boyfriend in highschool but asian parents say you can't have one until youre in college or until youre married.

  3. My mom would beat my ass if she looked through my phone. Porn, illegal sub translations, porn, porn, crackhead group chat, BDSM, nudes, dick, and pictures of my saggy-ass tiddies.

  4. The black dudes mum… bitch I feel sorry for his girlfriends imagine ur boyfriend having such a clingy overprotective mum

  5. My brother showed my mom a picture of him in his cosplay. I whisper to him No you idiot my mom started scrolling through the pictures and his face when my mom got to a video of him with his girl was priceless 😂😂😂😂😂

    My mom didn't see anything tho I snatched the phone before she could play the video. I got a smack lol

  6. The black guys mom is like half his size its just so crazy to think that she gave birth to him once upon a time it blows my mind

  7. It's said that an Asian kid and his mom did this too. But they didn't post it because coincidentally

    the kid died afterwards

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