100 thoughts on “Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer”

  1. Думаю будет с автосохранением, и чтоб другие могли смотреть онлайн дома другие и постройки в любой точке мира

  2. I genuinely don't get what the appeal is
    If your trying to pull a "in real life" then you already beaten to it by the Pokemon company and pokemon go

  3. I bet that if there's some build plates left out it will be greifed and then trash builds and then it all turns into 2bt2t and then a year or 2 later the app dies and,loses players

  4. untuk mojang tolong dong saya dari indonesia pecinta minecraft saya inggin skali main ini tapi gue gak tau dan pernah sih gue pergi ke link nya tapi versy hp saya tidak kopemtibel

    People are making hardass stone cages, using strange sands and decomposed skulls to summon some spoopy 3 Headed ghosts and stealing bees too kill them fast and get stars to sell on the black market

    Now the weather news

  6. Villager news

    A Mysterious portal has a appear and it seems to be Charging up we don't know what it may be but we will send a Test subject Once this portal stops charging up

  7. My Mom:"Son, I had enough to see you play Minecraft in the house everyday, I told you to go outside and play with your friends"

    Me and the Bois:

  8. Breaking news sadly local civilians have been killed after an armed terrorist spawned a wither and creepers in the middle of a mall 20 injured and 15 sadly dead "awwwwww maaaaaan" says president block ofarmer.

  9. 70% of comments: MOM: Jimmy go to sleep, JIMMY: I can't there are monsters nearby
    10% of comments: Breaking News: Man saves the world by creating "infinite water source"
    9% of comments: Child gets blown up by creeper
    1% of comments:

    That girl is a pretty good skateboarder.

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