Mera Bhai Series | Scout OP | How I handle Professional gaming | Fnatic.India |Tanmay Singh

Mera Bhai Series | Scout OP | How I handle Professional gaming | Fnatic.India |Tanmay Singh

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I’ve never thought It’s gonna be so difficult I’ve never called myself the best or the most technical PUBGM Player of India, In my mind, no matter what happens my primary Focus is winning Duels and fragging. – In Short, Improving by 0.1% every day is important and essential! -Yes, everyday 0.1% improvement is very important, If you don’t, its your own fault! * Mera Bhai Scout x kRaT * Hey Everyone, Welcome to Mera Bhai series, on public demand, Specially on pubic demand we have got this special guest just for you guys. So, without wasting time lets introduce him. – How are you brother?
– I’m Good Welcoming, Tanmay Singh aka ScoutOP,
How are you feeling today? -This is my first public interview, So, I’m a bit nervous.
– I don’t think that you are nervous, doesn’t seem like it. Nah, it’s not that easy to see, but I’m really nervous on the inside! Let’s start with the first question, basic question
Tell us, Where does your name Scout come from? During my early gaming days, I used to play a lot of CS 1.6, where there used to a be a gun called scout which I used a lot and people around me started calling me scout, I kept using that gun and Scout stuck with me throughout in all fields – So OP was added by your fans? – OP, to be honest, started with Smokie, while PUBGM was steadily growing, Smokie was one of the first claw-grip players and he came to the market and dominated the scene just because he was different,
So he started using Smokie OP Personally, I took this up as a challenge that this guy has become so famous and I need to outshine him the day I’m able to overtake him, I’ll use OP! – Yeah, Smokie is still special I remember the GodL days when smokie, scout, evo and assassin used to play Then there was another roster with you and 2 no mercy players then Daljit was added to that roster What are the memories you have of that team? – So, The first PUBGM professional team I started leading, with full control was Team IND not the old one but one with the current roster ie. Daljit, Kratos, Trance and Scout we were 4 players with great coordination, but the scope for improvement is always there, beyond a point – Today, If you’re not practicing, someone else is working hard and trying to come on top. What does it take to stay on top? I have a simple Funda
For me, I believe that reaching the top is easy but maintaining #1 is the tough part because there is always someone out there working hard to beat you to the top If at any moment you feel comfortable, feel that you’re on top of the food chain, That is where you’ve lost My motto is to keep practicing, never give up, keep grinding and trying to improve yourself from what you are the day before. *Awestruck*
-Wow so that implies that if you’re scout today, you’re scout + 0.1% tomorrow? – Yes adding 0.1 every day is your job, if you can’t do it, it is your own fault! – Everyone knows about your no-respect playstyle, be it on any team RRQ, G9, etc. You are Scout, You don’t stop, you are able to understand that you can kill the enemy and go for it! How does this no-respect gaming help you win? This.. This is a form of confidence, a confident state of mind Everyone in the pubgM scene believes that when you don’t have the confidence to kill the enemy, you have lost the game. on the other hand, I know that I have the upper hand, I am a good aimer, if I start shooting, I can secure the kill By my Logic, always keep in mind no matter who you are against you have given a lot of time to the game, after all, we’re all shooting the same bullets He ain’t a god. either you shoot him or he shoots you so it’s about confidently using your skill to come out on top, and that’s what I do! – Recently, It was very unfortunate when you couldn’t obtain the German Visa for the PMCO Finals in Berlin Still Playing at 180 ping, you had 3rd highest damage overall in the tournament, Tell us more about that journey.. *inserts intense face* Firstly, for not getting the visa, I was actually very p***ed off, Secondly, I knew the competition is really tough and I had practiced and been ready for the tournament for quite a while So, Ping was never a factor that really bothered me, and we couldn’t really do much about it anyway. -17 kills in the tournament ?? or more? -19 Kills! *awestruck again*
– oh god! 180 MS and 19 Kills! Yes, 19, In my head, no matter what the circumstances, I was there to kill my opponents In the end, I have to prove that I’ve given my best,
No matter how others perform It was essential for me to give my 100%. No doubt, No regrets, No looking back and no other options! Imagine Scout has 1 Litre of water, he will give it all, not a drop of performance should be wasted, I put all my skill into it! – What was the recent controversy regarding you, Dynamo and GTX Preet? What happened? – It wasn’t a big deal, Frankly, Dynamo is one of my oldest friends, and still my good buddy but things went a bit sour for some time because I personally don’t like the emulator, like everyone knows For me, it is a mobile game and meant to be that way. – Don’t you feel emulator players are entertainers, they are people creating fun content? – Entertainment has to be presented in a way too, look at carryminati, gareebo, these guys are good entertainers but earlier, many streams used to say “Rank Push Pro Player PUBG MOBILE” and didn’t tell people that they were on an emulator. – PUBGM players on emulator and ones on mobile, are they calibrated together in ranked? Technically, no, but practically yes. only when there are not as many players in a matching queue, So, if you’re in the same tier Now the player base on the emulator is huge, earlier it was not as big, there used to be very few 100-200 people on the emulator and 1000-2000 on the mobile Imagine a scenario where you and me at ACE rank and searching for a game and for some reason there are not enough players at the time in the queue, and the game can’t match me the game would match us against emulator players because they are ACE tier too! – I’m playing on the phone against emulator players? – Yes! Chances are minor but yes! – I find that a bit odd It’s not that common, it is very situational Imagine it like 2 buckets of water, But we have to fill a glass only, if the game thinks one bucket has less water, it will fill from the other bucket, it doesn’t matter (whether emulator or mobile), The glass is just filled. – Very cool example, a very interesting analogy! – You came to Delhi and cast ESL Milan event for the first time you cast any event, how did that feel? – I never thought it was going to be so difficult, but when I did it I realized that casting is not a joke 2-3 games were easy for me, 2 hours are okay, being a streamer, I could continuously talk. But when it comes to 6 games it is difficult, You can’t just talk about anything but you have to precisely talk about what is going on in-game, without stopping It is quite contrary to how streaming is, if you don’t want to talk, you can focus on your game, the audience will watch. But here its not easy the game is on going, you have to give feedback on the game and also build engagement with the audience So, I felt casting is one of the toughest roles I faced till now! – Then, you must be more appreciative of me brother! -That is True! What you and King Charlie were doing was out of this world, no words for it. *Blushing*
-Okay, Moving on.. – So now you have a new team Rounak, Owais, Paritosh and inyodream and your team Xspark, what are your expectations and how are you preparing with this team? our performance is really good, even though it’s a new team, but also something I expected because they are all experienced and skilled It is common knowledge, you can develop skills in time but you have to commit time to gain experience, Skill and time are not that close, you can learn a skill in 3 days, maybe 2 or just 1. But experience can’t come in a day. To gain valuable experience you have to give time to the game and you gain experience and learn accordingly! – So, what are your plans? how is the coordination in your team? – Good
– Who’s your favorite player? All 4 are my favourite, that is why I picked them, otherwise I would’ve picked someone else Everyone is equally strong and I play with them too. All five of us are equals Right now, We are bonding and understanding. We aim to reach a point where you understand your team so well that you don’t need to talk much and we’re getting close to that. Right now, theres are lot of new young players, and you are a veteran, Playing the game since no one ever knew how to play, with teams like GodL, IND etc… during PMSC… – Even Raw
– Yeah, Raw too, okay New people are coming in the scene, would you call yourself India’s most technically skilled player? – I’ve never called myself India’s most skilled or technically skilled player, nor would I say such a thing Because I know, somewhere- someone is working on themselves, practicing and working on their skills and could be better than me, But yes, Experience-wise I would be one of the top players because, I myself have devoted a lot of time to the game Played a lot of tournaments, I’ve played all of the official tournaments for PUBGM since inception, So I can say I’ve seen the game grow and change, players come into the scenario and improve tremendously, that is there But, I do have an edge experience-wise, but not in the skill set. I gladly acknowledge that there are better players, in terms of skills. – Can you name some, just to make em happy?
– Yes, Surely So, I’ll be honest to heart and choose no players from my team XSparks Overall, in general, for me top 5 assaulters in India, with exceptional gunfighting skills would be Snax from MX, Neo From Entity, Jhonathan from Entity, OR Carry and OR Existence! These are the first 5 that come to my mind. There are a lot of more amazing players out there but these five are such that if they fire, it is rare that they would be Knocked down. If you are in their aim, they kill you. – So, out of your roster, Owais, Rounak etc.
How’s their skillset? – Owais is an all-rounder player, Rounak is a sharp sniper, perfect sniper, Paritosh , perfect Assaulter Perfect support Dreamz is a perfect entry fragger, If you tell dreamz to push into a house, he will make sure he knocks the enemy down Him entering ensures one KO. That is his reliability. -it’s like, he’s a spearhead, you knock one, he will carefully follow up! – Yes, it’s like that, every time he goes in, he knocks one, that is his record Whenever I’ve asked him to push with me, he’ll be the first to knock down an opponent. – I’ve also heard that a lot of players ask you to setup the gyroscope? Yes, To be honest but even before me, there used to be an Indian Gyro player called Entity.Aman, – soul.Aman
-Yes, Entity.Aman Now He was one of the first to use the gyroscope. And I got to know about it from team Evos but actually Evos and RRQ is much ahead of time They came after people came to know about PUBG, before that let’s go back to season 1 of PUBGM around season 2 start time when PUBGM wasn’t an esport there existed an 8 player roster , Team burnout, Which was a mix of Evos and RRQ. 4 Evos, 4 RRQ D2E, Senor, Ernie, Bullshark all played together in one team Team Burnout, I used to push my rank with them in season 1 I got to know about the gyroscope from them and how it reduces recoil. I was aware about it but actually never used it myself, neither learnt how to use it because I was good enough for that time with other controls. But later, as the level escalated when i played internationally, in PMSC 2018 Thailand I realized this is a whole new level of competition, and we (PUBG Players) were just in a small well, but now we have moved to a pond the thumb is still reliable, but when we get to the ocean, where the big fish are it won’t work to reach their level I need to train So, I disappeared for 2-3 months, Completely during PUBGM’s transition from Season 2-3, I was not participating in any tournaments or matches, I was solely practicing and grinding. I was learning at that time. – What setup do you have now, 4 finger with 360 gyro?
-Yes! *Coming up in part 2*

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