MB Race 2017 – Résumé / Summary 13min

MB Race 2017 – Résumé / Summary 13min

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Just few people succeed to finish They are 1000 taking the starting line But only less than 100 finishers… Something crazy happened during the 3rd edition The last finisher just arrived and the speaker told him « so, it’s a huge feat, it’s amazing, that’s a wonderful day for you ? 
It was a dream, now you did it !» « Well… No… I just wanted to do 70km when I took the starting line » Everyone was surprised, anyone understood because it’s the dream of all the riders and he said « I have a blind child » Then he stopped talking, look at his son and said to him : « You, you surpass yourself every day and me, just for one day, I tried to do the same » Honestly, it was a really, really fast start… This is the first edition that the start is that fast… And I thought: « do they know it’s gonna last 9 hours or they leave for a 3-4 hours race ? » This year the level was high and we felt it directly with this rythm Urs Huber is the Swiss champion
I’ve never beat him on a race, so he was clearly the favorite I got prepared like every year, it is a race that matters to me since I did it many times I know the places, and I prepare it like any other race And this year with a lot of elite riders, it was a bit more difficult But I really wanted to do a good race I started to be careful of the two italian riders at Praz sur Arly When they told me they were very closed. I started quite good but where I lost time was in the first uphill just after la Giettaz. I fell down because of mechanical problem with my pedal. It took me some time to fix it and I lost contact with Huber. I was lucky today because, and I thank him, I could ride with Emeric Turcat, my teammate, who gave up on his 70km race to assist me until the end… The last kilometers were particular with the 2 italian riders just behind me And, on paper, they were stronger than me

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  1. comment çà se fait que le 1er à 10h19 et 12" de course quand le 2ème à 10h19 et 07"? Enfin quoi qu'il en soit, bel exploit et mon chapeau à tous les finishers!

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