Marty Lobdell – Study Less Study Smart

Marty Lobdell – Study Less Study Smart

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  1. I had so many requests for my presentation "Study Less, Study Smart" that I wrote a book that covers all of the strategies on the video in greater depth and adds many more tips. Go to Amazon Books and search for Marty Lobdell, Study Less, Study Smart. Also available in Kindel format.
    Thanks, Marty Lobdell

  2. Hello sir its MS Durrani . thank you so much sir because i was straggling allot because of my bad studying method .

  3. Cold showers and no fap challenge will give you ultra instinct and ultimately help you a lot in staying focused and motivated

  4. when i try to "teach" my parents i actually have to translate it so they can understand better. Sometimes that helps because i examine every word,.sometimes it doesn't. Worked for lit and history. not so much for biology and science

  5. 1. 5 min break every 25-30 min.
    1.1. reward system.
    2. create study area ( lamp for study, desk )
    3. what am I learning?
    a)facts b)concepts
    4. recollect VS recognize
    вспомнить узнать
    5. active learning. ( повторить то, что только что прочитала.)
    6. good quality sleep❗❗❗
    7. reread notes right after class
    8. teach "an empty chair" out loud
    survey ( обзор) – survey create question
    -retrieve( повторить по памяти)
    -review ( рецензия, научить другого)
    10. mnemonic for facts

  6. Dude I was excited for this video cuz I thought I could quickly learn how to study efficiently for my test tomorrow but the video is like a whole ass hour. Mans got the balls to start the video with “I wish I had enough time to cover this” boi if you dont.

  7. Went I saw my psychologist on Thursday to ask her how to study to remember things and she gave me a totally different answer than this guy and said it depends on the subject

  8. My Process : 1) Avid Procrastination and zero studying till the last minute
    2) 2 days before exam, MASSIVE panic attacks MULTIPLE times a day
    3) Start cramming 1 1/2 days before exam, no sleep.
    4) Pray to pass, vow to study consistently next time
    5) Repeat cycle.

    Here's what I've learned about myself. I fucking HATE studying / exams, I fucking love learning things out of interest (can do this obsessively if there's no test involved and done out of pure interest). Also, I would rather starve to death than go through University / College exams again.

  9. People those who think a lot can't be successful. Though they were doing good in academics. Failer is a kind of success.

  10. To me, writing is the most efficient in learning. I think far far better written than talking. So if I read, and then try to write out what I read as I understood it, I can quickly identify what I, in fact, didn't understand. Also, I can actually think about each sentence and idea, instead of simultaneously trying to remember what I just thought about. And while trying to make it a comprehensive little text or paragraph, it forces me to tie it together meaningfully, as well.

    I'm wanting to get better at reading though. I was always a slow reader. I've read a lot of novels, but very little literature on subjects. And since I now associate reading with something difficult and slow, I find myself avoiding it. Maybe reading for 20 minutes, taking a short break, and reading again will help.
    Thanks so much for the tips!

  11. It is always a matter of who you "meet" as a teacher, because you gotta meet a teacher who picks you up right on what you know. Most teachers i met on, example youtube, take off with knowledge i dont know about. So on average, i watch videos on youtube, watch wiki articles, watch books, with an author, who is already ahead of me before i even started.

  12. Marty great lecture but I looked up your book on amazon and you have: What do women want? A guide for men who want to establish and enhance sexually intimate relationships 😂

    never change dude 🤘

  13. 1. Study only for as long as you feel its still effective. Take a break when you start to feel distracted, bc more time studying does not equate to more learning (think of Janelle's 6 hr study, 5.5 useless and only .5 focused)
    2. Create a set study space -> desk study lamp, on only while studying, turn it off and walk away from desk during breaks
    3. Reading things over and over is NOT studying… you NEED active recall; first you need to figure out what you're learning (facts or concepts). Always think of what application what you are learning has to a whole (avoids superficially thinking of things).

    Make things meaningful, aka relating what you're learning to something more familiar to you. If something seems really foreign to you, then break it down to the point you can start associating things to each part, which then would make the whole make sense.

  14. I just have a question what if someones read from 8 to 10 then take a break till at the midnight and get to study 4 subjects in 3omin each………..can this in me..?????????

  15. Studying is just a way to prepare yourself for a one time test. Do you really learn from studying? I know I don’t, and I know many others who don’t as well. I see those who study tend to get lower grades than I. Studying isn’t the key factor to learning. Interest in the subject itself is greater than anything I’m aware of when it comes to learning.

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  17. Trying your method now……breaking this video up in chunks. Not even to 25 minutes yet and im already antsy. Pause for the cause of a cigarette break at 25 minutes.

  18. When jesus made men from the soils HE only considered all events and all life and that's why he was able turn water and wine into loafers with five hunerd fish, I trouble swallow

  19. bro this had so much valuable information that should help me when i get into college. with ADHD, studying is nearly impossible for me, so normally i can only take 1 hard class per semester.

  20. Especially relevant in maths/physics. It's so hard to apply meaning and understand concepts there, instead it relies on memorization a lot. (Especially if you're studying by yourself)

  21. these are all really great study habits I'm going to put this into practice as im now in school and Im looking to study better so I can work better.

  22. In summary, study using the pomodoro technique. 25 minutes of studying followed by a 5 minute break for around 2.5-3 hours.

  23. The way he taught to remember is also what I've randomly stumbled appon when I was first learning english. Learn the meaning behind the words and why those words are made of of these letters. and since then I've never ever had to force memorise words or grammars, they just click.

  24. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m in the library for 6-10hr/day and I’m not even in med school yet. Idk what I’m gonna do for med school

  25. A minor point completely unrelated to studying – 55:45 "That's why if we eat a lot of fat, we get the gut going." And here's a prime example of an uneducated teacher confidently spreading nonsense about stuff he doesn't understand, as it usually happens in our society. Fat doesn't make people fat, carbs do that via insulin (which also slowly destroys the health via insulin resistance). The only problems with fat happen if they are trans-fats, or if they are consumed together with carbs. Here's a mnemonic for you: "Research keto." 🙂 (Note that research doesn't mean opening a first google link from mass media, like… at least use Reddit I guess)

  26. this should be school subject itself, "how to study" where they talk about what he talks about here. FUCK this would of helped me alot…

  27. My stupid school has 2h and 4h classes !!!
    The shortest classes being 2h long, no pause, but most classes last 3h or 4h lectures.
    I disconnect about an hour in. And completely day dream or sleep by the 1h30 mark.
    4h classes are such a waste of time.

  28. 40:00 I more and more start to believe my teachers at university didnt want us to succeed. We got the same answer for basically any question; "look for it on google" or "you'll figure it out". Too often the whole class didnt know how to solve something and teachers refused to give us an answer until after deadline and basically the whole class had failed. Something as simple as how/where to deliver a paper in the beginning we had to "learn" ourselves. Sure teaching us how to find answers by ourselves is important but the teacher should be a source of information as well. No wonder so many left even in first year.

  29. this really feels like something too important to know to not really teach and emphasize earlier within the education system (high school, middle and elementary).

  30. If education academia were more legitimate and logical, we would be less tired of studying and more enthusiastic about learning. But since most of it is false , we are fighting our own divine truth, which makes us feel it is pointless to pay attention. We are taught the hard way to do everything, and thus we are taught to set ourselves up for failure, and if we chose to truly educate ourselves, we are radicals who must be oppressed. Questioning reality, Questioning authority, is seen as some sort of crime through the eyes of asministrators, because they are so well trained to be sheep who believe and catalog whatever they (we) are told, simply because it is what is expected of us… to set ourselves up for failure. Because if we all set ourselves up for success, every illegitimate law would have to be changed by morning… and that is a lot of work that would distract us from destroying ourselves.

  31. It's ironic that they study so much in med school, when most of the medicine in our country is actually just poison. Here they are studying so much that they don't even realize that what they are preparing to do is destroy the world one little medical accident at a time.

  32. I got tired so I paused the video to take a break.(as recommended in the video)The time was at 31:18! This guy knows his stuff!

  33. I wish I could have watched this video before I came to University of California, Davis!!! Thank you so much for your presentation! It is amazing! I will apply all the tips that you are giving to us for this quarter, and I hope I can be a straight A student!

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