Managed Live Chat Service | Sales Qualified Leads and Booked Meetings

Managed Live Chat Service | Sales Qualified Leads and Booked Meetings

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Hi my name is Karen Austin and I am from Skin
& Laser. I invest in SEO and AdWords and it was working just fine. I was getting about a 1000 visitors/month to my website. I was introduced to Chat Metrics and I decided to give it a go The one thing I didn’t understand to start with, was I didn’t have to man the chat. Allows
me to concentrate on what I do best. I was so surprised by how easy it was to setup.
My website bounce rate has dropped by 30% and now I am getting 6-8 leads in my inbox
every day. Good thing about Chat Metrics is that I only get qualified leads that are really easy to convert. I love it, its so easy. All I have to do it follow up the leads, its great!

1 thought on “Managed Live Chat Service | Sales Qualified Leads and Booked Meetings”

  1. I absolutely adore chat metrics as a product and their team. Our business truely skyrocket few weeks after having chat metrics on our website. I consider this product as a must even for a very low traffic website, but not rubbish traffic ofcourse.
    We get 3-5 new leads from our chatmetrics account almost every day. This really helped us convert our online spend into real leads.
    This cost of looking after our livechat has been $5-7k/month and we were only able to man for maximum 5-8 hours/day. You guys saved us almost all that money by paying fraction of that amount and live 24/7, just unbelievable……
    Guys, please keep up the great work…..
    Nick from Signage Melbourne

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