MAN Driving Professionals I Klimatisierung

MAN Driving Professionals I Klimatisierung

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Phew, it’s hot in here. That’s what happens when the bus temperature is incorrectly set. Some people find it too cold,
others too hot. And it not only leads to
passenger complaints, it also poses a certain
safety risk to the driver. I’m feeling really cold, Philipp! So how do you set the right temperature, Thorsten? First, we check the outside temperature. We do that with these two buttons here. I’ll just press them… Thirty two degrees! Phew! I won’t exactly need my scarf! So what would be the
best interior temperature to set? I’d say 6 to 10 degrees Celsius less. So roughly 22 degrees?
– That’d be ideal, yes. 22 degrees is a really comfortable
temperature for us humans. No matter if it’s summer or winter. The important thing is not to create
Arctic conditions in here right away, but to let the system work step by step. For the air to reach you properly, Philipp,
It’s very important that I tell you and the others
to operate the air jets. So here I can make it stronger or weaker? Yes. Then it actually reaches me
and I don’t have to sweat so much anymore. For the air conditioning
to work properly it’s important that the roof hatches are closed. You can open them before the journey,
so the warm air goes out, but then they have to be
closed again right away. I still can’t feel enough cold air.
– Don’t be so impatient. Look at this huge bus
and compare it to your car. For the volume of air in here,
it just takes a little longer. For it to work, the roof air conditioner,
the front box, the convectors and the auxiliary heater
all have to work together optimally. But somehow it’s still
not cooling me down fast enough! I can help you there. With this button
I can boost the fan to maximum, but as you can hear,
it gets rather loud in here. Wow, now it’s really loud.
And really draughty too! Yes, we have to watch out there.
That’s why I’ll only do it very briefly. I’ll just turn the fan down again. And now the temperature’s fine. If I’m still not happy, I can also
adjust my driver’s area here separately. That’s amazing. You mean, you have
two different climate zones? For the driver’s area
and the passenger area? That’s right Philipp. Because
I do need to set my own temperature. These are the controls for
the complete driver’s area and here I have the option
to heat or cool my seat. And I need that, because anything
above 24 degrees makes me tired. The ability to react decreases,
and that can lead to a traffic accident. Well Thorsten, from what I’ve learned
in the films we’ve done together so far: the bus driver always has to feel good.
Especially you! That’s absolutely right, Philipp! And there are more functions that make life a lot easier for
the bus driver and the passengers. Such as? We have an automatic system that switches
from fresh air to recirculated air. The recirculated, cooled air,
which is already in the bus, is cooled down even more –
that way, we save a lot of energy. I’m familiar with air recirculation from cars. When you’re in a traffic jam
or inside a tunnel, it keeps exhaust emissions out of the car. We could do that here manually too. But remember, the air gets very dry
and at some point we need fresh air too. What happens in winter when
the inside temperature has to be raised? The system works completely automatically. And for all winter bus drivers, by the way,
here’s a piece of advice: In wintertime, if you
leave the auxiliary heating on, the passengers feel really warm and cosy –
and that often means a really big tip! That’s good to know!
Thanks very much, Thorsten!

11 thoughts on “MAN Driving Professionals I Klimatisierung”

  1. I would like to point out,in summer, if u set a higer temperature for pasengers, drivers "AC" is not separate.. And you will get hot.

    The driver's termostat has 7 sets. You need to calibrate it more, because (lets say, 3rd setting is to cold, and 4th setting is too hot).

    I realy like the auxilary heating/webasto heating not in winter, when the bus' engine is off, because it heats the pasenger's radiators, so you can confortably sleep.

    Another wonderfull thing is that passengers get the option to regulate the airflow of the vent!

  2. Mit diesem Bus bin ich schon mal mit gefahren das wahr ein Werbebus von MAN und der wahr Sau geil und jeder Bus von MAN ist cool😀

  3. Typisch, der Hersteller interessiert sich für die optimale Wohlfühltemperatur von Passagieren, aber einen Dreck für Anwohner, Passanten etc. welche mit Lärm geschädigt werden. Neue MAN Busse, insb. Stadtbusse, sind in der Praxis genauso laut wie 25 Jahre alte Modelle, der Motor brummt und heult durchdringend, zwischendurch gibts mehrfach das laute Pressluft-Zischen. Es gibt von anderen Herstellern Baumaschinen, Radlader etc. welche leiser als solche Busse sind. Dass Verkehrsbetriebe keinen Wert drauf legen lasse ich als Ausrede bei einem Unternehmen, dass mit "Verantwortung" und "Nachhaltigkeit" von sich wirbt, nicht gelten.

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