LUKA BABY TAKES BATH FOR SHEEP πŸ’Ÿ Animal Rescue Cartoons For Kids


The Lost Sheep Mom and Dad take Luka and Elsa to grandparents’ farm A pile of straw appears and runs around the yard. Luka and the grandfather try to catch the straw. The straw stops in front of Elsa. It’s a lovely sheep Grandpa prepares a swimming pool for Luka and Elsa. Luka and Elsa enjoy eating with the little sheep. Luka and Elsa bring the little sheep back to the barn. But look, there’s another sheep in the stable. Luka and Elsa make colorful fliers to help the little sheep find her mom Granma, Luka and Elsa spread the flier everywhere. Hope to find the mother sheep soon It’s Uncle Alien and the mother sheep. What a fun and experienced day, my friends!

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