Linda’s Journey with a Qualified Career Practitioner

Linda’s Journey with a Qualified Career Practitioner

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When I first graduated Uni I landed a
corporate job in South Australia. Unfortunately part of the team was made
redundant and I was one of those people. The idea of having to go to more
interviews and apply for jobs was really daunting. I saw the chance to work with a Career Practitioner was to have a look at my CV, see where I was at and also practice my interview skills. I’m a Career Specialist and that means that I live, breathe and sleep helping people be happier at work. Our services vary depending on the needs. They can be as philosophical as ‘what on earth should I do after my degree?’ Or ‘I don’t like my degree, what am I going to do?’ Or they can be something very precise and very concrete such as an outstanding cover letter for a job that really perhaps you’re slightly out of you’re
comfort zone for. We did a lot of practice interviews and she definitely
pulled me up a lot on saying ‘um’, which I do when I pause. As I have just done now. I make a constant assessment as to what I’m going to tackle because the fundamentals of
interview success is, the fundamental is confidence. So I have to make sure that any changes I suggest to somebody when we’re looking in interview skills practice doesn’t actually undermine their fundamental confidence. She really helped me hone in on what I was looking for in an organisation and what I was looking for in the type of work that I wanted to do and putting yourself out there and networking, which terrifies me. Whilst somebody’s looking for a job there
is that constant support. It’s often a case of ‘how did that interview go?’ We will usually ring somebody the day, probably later in the day when we know they’ve had an interview, just to check how they’ve gone. I absolutely think that working with a Career Practitioner is a very very valuable investment. Having that extra support was really really helpful. I had someone to bounce ideas off of. If you can get a job faster, so if you take three months to get a job instead of five months to get a job, well then obviously it pays for itself. If you can get a higher paying job because you know
how to negotiate your salary, then again, it pays for itself. I am a lot happier now. I feel like this cloud has been lifted. I definitely have a lot more confidence in myself personally but also in my professional skills. Things that I’ve learnt through working with a Career Practitioner from interviewing skills, I’ve been able to apply in performance reviews, even in networking situations that I’m not very confident in. We spend so much time at work, why not
invest in somebody who can help you be so much happier for that nine-to-five,
forty hours a week, fifty hours a week that you’re there.

3 thoughts on “Linda’s Journey with a Qualified Career Practitioner”

  1. Great job at a clear description of the Career Practitioner Specialist role and all round benefits of working with one. Thanks to all those CDAA team members who worked on this project.

  2. So great to see a case study of how, and why, our work can be so worthwhile – from confidence boosting through to bottom line income.

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