Lena ep.2 – My Knowledge on Law Applications | The Great Grad Job Hunt


Hey, guys, this is my second update for The
Great Graduate Job Hunt on my way to become a commercial lawyer and today I wanted to
talk to you about how to be a lawyer when you’re not a law student yet. So this is especially for people who are set
on doing the GL or who are currently doing it but who’ve not gone through the formal
route of studying a law degree. So first of all, the industry hires about
50/50. That means that 50% are not law students and
50% are law students. So that reflects that when you apply to a
law scheme and training contracts firms are not expecting you to be immersed in the area
of law. In fact, they actually encourage other students
ot apply because they want a diverse set of people and a diverse set of skills. So this brings me to one of my points which
is that technical knowledge is only one of many parts. It’s important but there are other, more desirable
skills in the long run such as communication, commercial awareness, personal skill, team
membership and, in general, also being a well-rounded person and that’s where you come in, you might
not have the type of experience that law students have but you have transferrable skills. For example, I’ve been an English and a German
teacher, an editorial intern, a translations intern, a tv presenter and a UN intern. Now while not all of these positions were
strictly law related, I learned a lot of the skills that are necessary for law such as
analytical skills, research, and in gerneal, being able to work in multi-cultural teams. So showcase the type of experience that you
have and be proud of it because even though it might not be legal experience it’s still
very relevant. So, this brings me to a really important point,
what can you offer that a law student cannot. Now law students might have all the technical
knowledge, and they might have communication skills aswell, but what have you learned vfrom
your experiences that make you different? What can you bring to the table that they
can’t? For example, if you’ve travelled or if you’ve
studied a aprticular area that might not be too law related, it can still be very valid
in a certain contect. For example, with my european studies course
I focussed a lot on EU regulations. So when it comes to EU competition law, I
might actually be much more knowledgable than a law student and I try to cater to that strength
in my applications and this brings me to my very last, and very important point; get law
experience anywhere. Even if it’s in a high street firm, if it’s
pro bono, if it’s voluntary, get as much legal experience as you can because this shows that
even though you didn’t chose to study law, you are interested in law and you’ve come
to that decision over time and you are set on that decision and that’s what’s most important. Stick to your guns but try to build that knowledge
that you feel that you might be lacking. So that’s it from me today – don’t give up
you can still become a lawyer even though you’ve chosen a different path and you can
still be just as successful.

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