Leave Your Body in 3 Days (1/3) – A Michael Raduga Seminar

Leave Your Body in 3 Days (1/3) – A Michael Raduga Seminar

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100 thoughts on “Leave Your Body in 3 Days (1/3) – A Michael Raduga Seminar”

  1. I was about 16 and my cousin took me to a class like this in Mexico…tried a couple of times but never worked… one day after school I took a nap and all of the sudden I started to hear really loud a sound like a nest of bees I opened my eyes the sound is gone and I'm paralized, it was in a summer afternoon and the sun was shining thru the blinds just in front of me.. Took me a while until I could lift my hand cause it was heavy but it was not my body what I saw the only way I can describe the way it looked is like the hand of the predator, that movie where he can go invisible and u can see the figure thru the trees… Looked amazing and the sun beams made it even more beautiful!! I couldn't believe it was happening .. So after a while I could slide out of my extremely heavy body and fell to the ground(didn't feel any pain) I stood up but I was afraid to look back to my body so I walked out of the room and for some reason i was drawn to the laundry room went thru the concrete wall to the outside hall went again thru the metal gate and when I was about to walk the street I felt like if my hand was stuck in something and in that second when I turn my head to see what it was I woke up in my bed. That was 25 years ago and I remember the details like if it was yesterday pretty amazing since I always had a terrible memory… never happened again. It was awesome.

  2. I’m a energy therapist that does shamanic work. I experienced how this method is effective. First time trying this morning,l. I thought it didn’t work so I keep trying. after the 8 attempt I decided to wake up. In waking up into this reality, I realize every attempt worked because I was in different houses looking for mirrors , in parallel reality, different lifetimes and dimension.

  3. So we are not the body. So what? The problem is our dream of physical existence and this dream continues after death. We think we are individuals with souls trapped in a body but according to Upanishads of Hindusim or even A Course in Miracles there is no body or an universe out there. It's all a dream and a hallucination. We are not in the body but the body is in us. We are what Hinduism calls sat chit ananda or pure existence consciousness bliss. This entire universe borrows its existence from us. In Hindusim when one realizes the self as that infinite ocean of consciousness/awareness in which universes come and go then the dream of birth, death, and karma comes to an end. As long as we think we are individual entities we are bound by the law of karma.

  4. I have these experiences and don't try. Don't try! You need to question your beliefs, or "worldviews". Let God guide you, you can't do it on your own, don't believe me, just give it a try!

  5. Is this real? I am trying to do this since last 4 days. Nothing happens to me other than I fall asleep and wake up frustrated the next day!

  6. I wanted to know can I try the technique but just sleeping only 2 or 3 hours? The reason I'm asking is that every time I sleep for 5 to 6 hours within 3 to five minutes I'm awake. Thanks.

  7. There is some tips needed here, there is no phase, only astral plane, technique described here is astral travel, most of people needs to educate them selfs about bodies, astral world and energies around us, there is good books for this like astral plane

  8. I left my body , decades ago I confirmed to myself that we live on outside of the body.  I got scared when I do it.  No longer need to do it , I already know we can live on outside the body.  people at work who I told when I was in my early 20's thought I was crazy when that happened , i'm 38 now almost 39.

  9. I am planning my suicide as God hates me and destroys my life. These videos help me think that maybe I should stop thinking about it and just do it.
    More on loser me: https://bit.ly/GILLETTEAD

  10. If a husband and wife sleeping next to each other, get into phase at the same time, can we see each other’s Astro projection figure?

  11. I wanted to know every time I awaken for 3 to 5 minutes I can't go back to sleep after. Do I have to wait to go back to sleep? Or do I just stay awake?


  12. I understand Micheal does amazing work on this topic , however I think the OBE and Lucid dream are very different… People have had many veredical accounts while in the Out of body state and this would suggest it's an objective phenomenon. Many people also achieve OBE from a fully waking state. I appreciate this course and think people can learn alot from this but I do think there is more going on than dream state.

  13. Out of my practices trying to induce this state, I can confidently say this is a powerful guide. I do not usually get out of body often, maybe 2-4 times every 2 months but just yesterday, I use this method. Man, I got out quite easiely, Michael Raduga knows what he's talking about follow his guide and you will succeed.

  14. Hello Michael and thank you for this great video. I have adapted your technique to fit me and have bypassed many elements. I just wanted to say, that you can easily get into the phase 1 minute after getting back to bed. I mean no need to sleep and then awake. I suggest that the practitioner should:
    1) Get back to bed in his favourite sleeping/relaxation position
    2) Close his eyes with the intent of going to sleep and wake up to try
    3) Ponder upon the upper idea for some seconds
    4) Move his eyes slightly left or right
    5) Try to feel imagine any kind of motion
    6) If you do feel the motion open your eyes and go to the mirror. DO NOT HESITATE FOR ANY REASON. This mental awakening will be IMPOSSIBLE to tell from a physical awakening.
    7) If your room and environment look gloomy just say mentally say "CLARITY NOW" with your maximum of intent and keep your focus.
    The above works wonders for me…I can now enter the phase every single time.
    Again many many thanks for this incredible method…I had been trying for so many years to no end!

  15. This is not only the master class in terms of information, but in terms of teaching ability. Phenomenal.
    So good that I'm only 90% sure I'm actually writing this comment instead of unawaredly astral projecting that I'm writing this comment.

  16. There is a good YouTube channel for the sort of thing here. It's called Afterlife topics and metaphysics 😁😁😁

  17. It is hard for someone that can only sleep for 5 – 6 hour like me, the only time I could do this is when I am using the exhausted method, that was only once, since I try other method but it does not work with me, visualize, affirmative, nothing work.

  18. The chances of experiencing this decrease with age. I am 49 so…I have 4% chances of "getting there". Don't think its worth trying anymore. Good luck to all the young people 🙂

  19. How old was everyone when they experienced this? It would be interesting to know, I suppose. Thanks in advance.

  20. When I wake and am about to make an attempt, I seem to move and stretch myself too awake for results. Any tips on training yourself to be still ?

  21. Sorry but this doesn't work for me at all because I can't think clearly right after I wake up. Sometimes right after waking up, my thoughts are like in a trance and they just go everywhere, scattered in all different directions and I'm not aware of it (even though I meditate right before bed to increase my awareness during the night).

    EX: I wake up in the middle of the night right after a REM cycle ends, and I try to go back to sleep but I'm not aware that I'm thinking about a bunch of different things, so only until like 10 minutes later, wide awake and still thinking, do I now realize that I'm actually thinking, which is preventing me to fall asleep. However, my mind is still not very clear, so I'll keep having overactive thoughts that prevent me from falling asleep some more after making a tiny lazy effort to slow down my thoughts.

  22. Great workshop. My two biggest sticking points is: 1. I always wake up after moving my physical body, rarely if ever while lying still. 2. My mental intention and willpower is weak at the moment of waking up. It's very easy to just fall back to sleep.

  23. OK I'm going to give this method a chance starting tonight. But Someone please clarify this for me. What's the whole "get something to eat" thing? My understanding is 1: you can't pick up or touch something in the physical world, so you're not eating that. And 2: Is there spiritual or astral energy food forms and Why would our energy body even want/need to eat for any reason? Like I said, I am honestly confused. What Am I missing?
    Perhaps someone who has done this step successfully could clarify. Thanks.

  24. I'm going out on a limb here and will say the "ideally awakening without moving" has to be only After the first awakening to an alarm, because you have to move to turn off the alarm. The subsequent awakenings (without alarm) can be motionless as possible. Right?

  25. Pena que os vídeos não tem legendas em português! Amo seus livros e me identifico muito com eles! Sou viajante do astral desde meus 12 anos (desde 1990), época que era difícil o acesso à informação… então tive que descobrir tudo sozinha! Ou melhor, aprendemos sempre, a cada saída do corpo físico. Obrigada por compartilhar seu conhecimento! Somos eternos aprendizes! Beijos.

  26. 00:00 "The creators of this video bear no responsibility for any consequences of watching this video material."
    The PRACTICE teached at this video is very good, BUT doing it without the PREVIOUS the spiritual, mental and physical training needed is very dangerous. There are many videos and books out there that teach these techniques in a very irresponsable way, and there are also many people that after applaying this techniques without preparation end having very bad experiences, encounters with very dark entities, etc. Others will not have problems and will have very happy experiences. But those who have them will stop trying to get these experiences, and may end converting to fundamental religions and accusing all the topic as demoniac (there are many of these videos on youtube).
    Anyone interested on travelling the REAL and PHYSICAL astral planes (because that is what I think it is) may find helpful this recomendations, before trying the practices of this video:
    1. Remember dreams. Set the intent of remember all your dreams (a dream journal is necessary, physical or digital).
    2. Attain lucidity on dreams. Again, setting the intent.
    3. Then, suurely after maybe one or two months, you may start doing what this video teaches (although is very possible that at this point you begin already to have natural out of body experiences without trying it).
    Parallel to this process, during the day:
    1. Try to stay at the present moment as much as you can. (If you can't be present here, how do you expect be present on the astral?)
    2. Meditation (or being present while you are sitting or laying, instead of doing things like in point 1).
    3. Take control of your emotions and thoughts, and remain peacefully positive.
    And to finish, I have some other ideas that I don't think are necessary, but they can help us to achieve even more of our experiences.
    1. Celibacy (or at least non-orgasmic sex). Energy is lost during sex, especially if you orgasm, especially the man that lose his semen (and our astral bodies will weaken in consequence). If you want to be a professional and constant traveler, is a must in my opinion.
    2. Vegan. I think it would help you to have a better frequency.
    3. Physical exercise. I find that the more strong I am physically, the more strong I am mentally and astrally.

    I hope this helps and complement Raduga videos. 🙂

  27. Sorry Im new to this. How would you try to standup and doesnt move a muscle without imagining it? Can you help me visualize this?

  28. I don't really remember much of anything when it came to what might have been an obe I had last night. I remember it was my first attempt after my main sleep and then my following mini sleep and I attempted the mirror and then levitation and then rotation. During the levitation I felt like I was having some separation but then the five seconds were up and I switched to rotation and I felt a separation from my upper body and stood up and up of the rest of my body. Afterwards I didn't even think about the mirror or eating and just sort of walked around briefly. I scrutinized stuff to try and have more clarity yet still couldn't seem to float away. I basically summoned a rope into existence in an attempt to climb my way up and away through my ceiling but when I grabbed it and tried to climb and pull myself up I would just pull more and more rope down through the ceiling seemingly endlessly. I suddenly got the bright idea to just tie the end of the rope into a loop (there was no excess because I hadn't tried pulling that long, but obviously the rope I was working with was longer) and attempt to stand in the loop, feeling as though I would just be pulled up, and I remember nothing past that. Whether it failed or not, but I have a feeling that rather than having a real experience I just had a dream of one. Anyone have any input on what they think happened? I never experienced anything like that before.

  29. had my first ap a few hours after watching this. so i tried to follow directions and go to the mirror closest to me. except the mirror was removed..? my bedroom looked exactly the same except a bit altered. so i went asap to find another in the bathroom and the mirror there was also removed? huh no idea. anyway thought id try some food and ate an astral banana in the shape of a fluted cookie cutter. it tasted a bit like keylime. btw astral food tastes great. after that i flew around outside my balcony above an otherworldly skyline. cant wait to go back tomorrow

  30. I’m sorry but I’ve been outside of my body and actually moved a physical object and woke myself up because of knocking something over.

    I’ve seen myself and things around me as they happen and hear them and opening my eyes and stopping events before they actually happen.

    So REAL Astro traveling isn’t what he’s saying… at all

  31. The thing i needed not just a how to guide but a why guide a guide to help you see things you didnt know to look for the guide to make ur personal experience able to master.
    I was able to have multiple attempts in one night about 4 of them, and i had 2 successful ones about every hour i got to have one too the self talk i will try again when i wake up woke me up at the end of every cycle it was magic.

    my problem in my Astral Projections were i would have false awakenings getting out of the body was easy but not knowing i was out was my problem i would spend more time trying to get out but not realise i was already out causing me to wake up, my other problem was i would get out and not wake up but it was sooo real that i thought i was awake and even seeing and extra door in my room it still wouldnt cross my mind that that wasnt suppose to be there it felt real and normal it was just too real i knew i was out i could feel it but because it was too close to reality maybe even more real that reality i went about trying to prove i was asleep and would only end up waking up in my bed from where ever i was at, this helped me discover something i needed to know to prove i was asleep and my mind was the only thing awake.

    my trick isnt the rolling or tumbling or swimming when i visualize like that i tend to go into a dream but end up coming back, i start to see my dreams as if reality and then realise its not real and comeback to the blackness i get lost in the imagination and unable to control my actions, so instead i naturally do this most nights im curled in a ball when sleeping when i wake up i strech my legs out well here when i focus on my legs i get an uncontrolled movement i feel a sensation, i feel my legs curled up but i also feel them uncurling at the same time them sliding on the bed on the sheets the warmth of the friction, and when i do this i have a couple options i can try to slowly move the rest of me out, but i dont have a lot of time before this wakes me up, so i found option 2 just throw myself off my bed dont even think about it just act just do it and plop on the ground this is where i separate the all or nothing thing he talked about the worst that will happen is i wake up and still in my bed due to sleep paralysis ( the part i didnt realise untill watching this you cant move ur body in sleep paralysis those sensations you feel are when ur asleep) so im not gonna get hurt and if i so how managed to i would plop just 3 feet and it will definitly wake me up and i will be confused more so, but every time i did this i get up rapidly quickly i feel the bounce of the floor and the hardest part after is opening my eyes not sure why seeing is hard for me, it takes a lot of effort for me im soo relaxed i just want to keep them closed i want to drift back into sleep but when i get past this urge im able to function better one night i went around just peeking through slits in my eyelids it was all i was able to do at that time.

    but thanks for this video sorry for the long post just wanted to share my experience

  32. first time I tried this, I was in my cousins home and after our usual chat I decided to do this, the method worked and I had a nice experience. after I woke up in my room, I realized I never visited my cousin, I was already in the phase !
    100% would recommend it, flying is awesome

  33. I'm soon going to hit my teens, yet I have experienced an OBE. Is this a bad sign or a good sign, because the fact that this video says that this wouldn't be for people in their youth feels like it's screaming "Bad Sign!"

  34. Anyone trying this? I'm going to next sleep! 😁

    I was mainly commenting because the comment number was 666, so mine made it 667.

    But… Update after trying it!

    Woke up after 1.5 hours sleeping, tried some techniques and felt the separation from body briefly! But it felt scary like a fear feeling… not sure if we’re meant to do this. I will do some more research on it. Crazy feeling tho, scary!

    Anyone else have that feeling?

  35. intro :we are not responible of ur actions do this at ur own risk

    actual video: you will have no risks you are safe woh said thath astral projection is dangerus

    where does he come from did he die?

    guy:woh said thath astral projection is dangerus
    where does he come from did he die?

    me: if he died he cant explain

  36. Can someone explain this to me,from like 45-55, says wake up after alarm, walk around 5 mins go to sleep and wake up and try, but than he says dont move, and what am i trying? He never even said

  37. 12:00 – gathering information
    25:10 – fear in the astral realm
    49:00 – sugar/ carbs to help sleep better
    50:55 –
    55:00 – uncontrollably reproducing your expectations
    57:40 – using intensity to pop out
    1:00:59 – first thing to do after popin out
    1:20:00 – actual practice

  38. People must understand that he 99% talks about lucid dreaming. Where you can control the reality completely to your wish and do anything. But in real astral projection from your real physical body – you actually leave the body in this physical world and you can go to pentagon, the pyramids, your workplace and so on.. Not imaginary.

    It is very bad that he calls these both with one name, "the phase", when these two are completely different things.

  39. It worked the very first night!…I woke up in the middle of the night and started to rub my virtual hands. I could feel them becoming more and more real, then I stood up and tried to jump but dropped to the ground. My wife laughed at me, so I went back to bed. Afterwards, I knew I was in the phase because my wife was supposed to sleep when it happened.

  40. 1. Wake up at mirror
    2. Levitate, stand up, roll out
    3. Cycle 2 or 3 techniques
    4. Sleep or mirror, food, goal

  41. I've had the sleep paralysis feeling after waking up that my body was somewhat paralyzed and it was incredibly difficult to move. It's never made me freak out though. I typically think to myself that, "well, I feel extremely comfortable anyway, I could stay here a bit longer." I push against not being able to move because it feels weird and kinda funny. Then when I really do need to get up, I basically force push myself into a roll to shake it off.

    I respond very similar when I'm choking on food. I calmly take a very slow breath instead of freaking out, then strain to give a strong cough. If it doesn't come out, it's still enough to get a hold on the food and pull it out. I don't typically freak out over things like this.

  42. HOLY SHIT!!! I used to do this when I was like 5 years old! I just listened to him describe the indirect method, and i used to do EXACTLY that when i was a child! I woke up super early in order to watch the early Saturday morning cartoons and would fall back to sleep in the middle of one of my favorite shows and I thought it was awesome because i would dream about being in the show with my favorite characters going on their adventure with them. I didn't know i was doing something that could be developed and useful.

  43. 31:02 : goals
    32:42 33:50 : how to do it
    37:13 : no substance
    39:15 : technique initial
    40:00 : 2 methods
    41:00 : indirect method
    44:04 44:40 : how to make time

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