Lamb Ragu: Meals in Minutes | Masterchef: The Professionals – BBC


You can make the pasta and
a good meat ragu in 20 minutes? Two things in 20 minutes.
I think it’s doable. I trust you, but I really
want to see it. Right, so the first thing you need
to do is to prepare the ragu
sauce. A ragu sauce is a sort of meaty
sauce, normally with ground meat or minced meat. I’m not
mincing it because I quite like it with more texture. What we have here is a shoulder
of lamb. A bit of sinew on it, so if they’re going to hand cut it
like I am, I’m going to have to cut it quite fine.
I think I’d mince it, Chef. I think most people probably would. That’s going to be brave chef to do
what Monica’s doing, I think. So, I have a hot pan here. Now, I want this meat in there,
sealing. PAN SIZZLES I think the difficulty with this
particular challenge is trying to get some flavour in 20 minutes. Everyone knows that making a ragu
or a bolognese sauce takes hours, but it is achievable. A sort of lip-smacking sauce
is what you want. So, I’ve got my vegetables in here.
You can smell the garlic. So, now I’m deglazing the pan
with some white wine. I’m going to bring more flavour
to my sauce, but I need to reduce this down before
I add the stock to it. So the vegetables are going to
absorb all of the sauce as well, are they? Absolutely. OK. So, I’ve just added some
reduced lamb stock to the pan. You can see it’s come up to the boil
and then I want this to gently cook. So a nice rolling simmer. So, into the boiling water. That’s going to take only
a couple of minutes, if that. I’ve just added some butter, bring
a bit more richness to my sauce. Bit of a shine. So, I’m just finishing it
with some chives on the top and now I’m going to serve it. Hey. That’s pretty. Phwoar! Come on! There we have it. Lovely. Hand-cut tagliatelle pasta
with a lamb ragu. Very good. That’s a quality sauce
in 20 minutes. I mean, you know it’s a good sauce,
look at the shine on it. Beautiful. It’s about bringing as much flavour
that you’d want in a ragu in 20 minutes.

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