KYUSHO / DIM MAK Vitalpunkt LUNGE 5 und PUNKT-REVIVAL – Seminar “Kyusho, Atemi, Tuite” Berlin 2016

KYUSHO / DIM MAK Vitalpunkt LUNGE 5 und PUNKT-REVIVAL – Seminar “Kyusho, Atemi, Tuite” Berlin 2016

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The point (Lung 5) works well in several directions. There and there. You can search for the point first. It is a hitting point. Again an anatomical line or path: You can see this slope here. It starts here and goes this way. If you put your hand here like this, then you’re automatically on Lung 5. That means you don’t have to aim at the point, you can just put it on his arm … It is a great point, because it causes … you see … this collapsing. In Aikido it is used very often. One can then apply Kotegaeshi or Shihonage. One thing is – we evade With my elbow I control his elbow. And make sure he can’t do this with his elbow. Then there are many options. But first we want this Lung 5 … Move more from the center … you see …. He can hold tight like a berserker here. My most important acupuncture point is – my Dantian. So I use it! One … Two. Qi Hai That’s very strong. If I can put my hands here, and he’s trying to rip my hands apart. There are several such points … We’re not doing that now. Maybe more about that later. … energetic self-adjustment … Quite simple! And here, but carefully, Gallbladder 25. That’s where the last rib comes out. But be very careful, because there is the kidney. … and if you hurt the kidney there …. Go there and you’ll be in a good position – you don’t have to do anything. Similar to Karate-Kata Tekki. Ahh … yes, revival! Ok, single-point-revival is quite simple. Hit the same spot, but with about half the force as you hit him before, and then massage it out. Who knows the course of the meridians, can, of course, massage according to the direction of the meridian. It is important that you get the things out of the deep tissue. Points like here, where you can’t really massage, tap them. So tap the small, sensitive points. And the larger … for example we just had Large Intestine 10 … work into the deep tissue. And then imagine the palm of your hand, when you massage. Not only so …. but use suction, Lift. Suction, massage Okay. Well, Lung 5 and when you realize your partner’s had enough, then massage. The more tense the nervous system, the more sensitive the nerve is. It’s like a guitar string. Well, one that is not tense … and one that is tense, it makes a sound. That’s why when we think a little bit further in Kyusho, it’s important to prepare these points. You see, this … by this movement I’m pretensioning the pulmonary meridian. It actually goes as far as here. That is, you see, the pulmonary meridian is prestressed here by my inconspicuous movement alone. He doesn’t have to notice that at all. That’s a Budo secret: Sit down! Always sit, sit. Sit with the sword. But then you sit and lift at the same time – that’s the next secret! But you don’t have to do much here. Don’t move your arms! Let him stand there, you don’t want to confuse him or alert him somehow. You’ll also be away from his (opposite) arm. You’ve already entered his side here, so to speak. And the blow is like sitting down.

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