KYUSHO/DIM MAK Ellbogen- und Schulterkontrolle mit San Jiao 11/12 – Seminar “Kyusho…” Berlin 2016


About the Triple Warmer 11. Directly behind the elbow. If I hit there like this … relatively little happens. But if I rub the point in this direction. Then I get it. Now I do it with the middle ankles of the fingers. Actually this movement … just a bit faster. Let’s do some medicine … We have two kinds of nerve fibres: A and C fibers. Some transmit dull pain to the brain and the brain thinks about it: is it something dangerous or not? And the others transmit a sharp pain. This signal is processed in the spinal cord. The brain then has nothing to do with it. That is roughly the same principle, as if you’re touching the hot plate. It would take far too long if the brain hat to react. It’s exactly the same here. If I do this here in such a way … Then it is unpleasant, but that doesn’t move him. If I do that quickly … then the nervous system is completely overloaded. Well, it’s always important that you use this fast impulse. We have it in the dimmak … that we … … do not do like this (slowly pushing). the time gap between the hits is much too long. … work, bottom-up, front-back, fast one after the other. The whole body must be overwhelmed … then suddenly his body breaks down. That’s how we want it. So, directly behind the elbow a light, fast movement. Then something happens. The tissue is pushed away so that the nerve, that splits underneath, becomes accessible. It’s not like this (isolated hand movement). Use the whole body. It’s not just the point. Using this point you have to transmit a message: “Go there!” You can also use this place to access the point. Then you even grabbed 3 points at the same time. … from the side this is of course the better method … You see, the tissue splits here. When you put your hand on your elbow and roll up your ankles, that’s the right distance, usually. And the idea is also that you push the tissue away … There a nerve splits, you push the tissue over it away, to get to the nerve. That’s one story, The other are the Golgi “bodies” (tendon organ), between muscles and tendons. Everywhere in the body we have such protection and the signal run over the spinal cord. The muscle must not tear. In case of overtension, the muscle releases. Because the nervous system measures the tension in the muscle, using this little sensory apparatus, in the muscle fiber where they merge into the tendons. That’s where the receptors are. They tell the nervous system: I have to let go now, otherwise the muscle tears. This is not about acupuncture point now, it’s more of a tendon organ. This is for example also here above the knee. There is a similar structure as at the elbow. Now we simply take the forearm, the ulna. Often you get there quite easily. Either to the 12er or you take the 11er. You notice that you end up in a really nice hollow. Now let’s do the following: If, for example, you massage this point – gall bladder 21. (You could also hit it in application …) Then you wouldn’t do like this … (cramped press). But you would do this hand movement. You are welcome to try it out. That is not so much the elbow, but the hand, and very lightly. Is quite pleasant … The same, if you have the point now here. Don’t push like that here …. But here, the elbow and the hand like you’re massaging something. Try it out! It’s a different kind of energy transfer, not like I’m biting my way into this. And please from the center! Of course it’s the hand, but of course it’s more so the center. Apply – polish! Triple warmer 12 nerve pressure point: What I like to do is with my whole body. Not just applying pressure, but a slight vibration.

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