Keep Moving Forward: Lisa Kidder – From Qualified to – “Just Blind”


[Music] Lisa Kidder: You can change barriers in physical environments, say for instance, by putting in a wheelchair ramp or putting Braille signage up, but it isn’t as easy to change people’s attitudes. Host: This is Keep Moving Forward. George H.W. Bush: Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down. Host: Exploring the legacy and promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Lisa Kidder: My name is Lisa Kidder. I’m a political science major at the University of Minnesota. And I’m totally blind. I think of myself as just a person who can’t see. It isn’t how I define myself. We live in a society where it seems like almost everything is based on looks. I’ve experienced situations where people will say, “You have an excellent resume, an excellent cover letter, but the problem is, you’re blind.” So, you might be one of the best-qualified applicants who has the most experience, but you go from being a qualified applicant to just: blind. And they don’t look past that. And it shouldn’t matter, if someone has a disability, as long as you’re effective. Host: Keep Moving Forward is supported by the Minnesota Council on Disability … … the Minnesota Humanities Center … … and the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund … … online at

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