Keenan Cornelius Seminar Review

Keenan Cornelius Seminar Review

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Hey, guys! Welcome to TB. Today I’m going to talk to you about a Keenan
Cornelius seminar that I just went to. Fortunately I was able to record some of it
on my phone, so lets take a look. I’m going to tell you how it went, some of
the moves we learned, what sparring with Keenan was like, how much I paid, and tell you if
it was worth the cost. The seminar started with techniques right
from the get-go. We did not jog around the room, do shrimping
exercises, or ab workout. He said that he typically spends the bulk
of his seminar with lapel guard instruction, but he will help us with specific moves if
we ask. Don’t ask about the Diesel Squisel though;
I tried and it is top secret. Our seminar covered the squid guard. I’ll be honest, I had seen Keenan demonstrate
the squid guard on a YouTube video, but I never bothered to try it. I will link his squid video in the show notes
so you can check it out. By the way, if you ever do get to go to a
seminar with Keenan, then I highly recommend doing a little bit of homework and try out
the worm guard and squid guard before-hand. This way, if you have any questions, you can
ask when you see him; he will answer your questions and show you how to do it. He was walking around the room constantly
answering questions during our seminar. So, he first showed us how to get into squid
guard. After we practiced entering into squid guard
with a partner, he then went on to show us some techniques. Please forgive me for not getting too specific
with descriptions of the techniques. Teaching techniques in seminars is a big part
of how these athletes make a living and I want to respect that. I will give you an idea of how much you will
get out of a typical seminar. He started off with two sweeps. One of them was a variation of the tripod
sweep. From the squid there is also an omoplata available
to you and a choke. He tought us those techniques and went over
how to troubleshoot them. We also went over an entry into x-guard from
squid guard. We went over a sweep from x-guard, and how
to overcome common defenses from the sweep. Of course, after showing us each technique,
we were given time to practice it with a partner. He walked around and helped anyone who asked
questions. If you ask him about another technique, he
will show you. Even if it is not a technique for that seminar. For example, we were covering squid guard,
he would show you a worm guard technique if you asked. He won’t have time to go over the entire worm
guard system just for you, but if you have a quick question he can help you with then
he will. We would get water breaks once in a while. He then asked everyone to line up against
the wall. He asked 7 volunteers to sit on the mats. The people sitting would start in squid guard. The rest of us in line on the wall took turns
sparring with everyone. First to score a point stays on the mat. So if you pass the guard into side control,
you stay on the mat and wait for another person to spar with you. Eventually, everyone got a chance to spar
with Keenan at least once. When I sparred with Keenan, it was an epic
match. I actually caught him a few time. Well, I wish, but that’s not how it went at
all. I was just too star struck. I was trying to have a conversation with him
and he swept me. That was it. It lasted about 20 seconds. Well, I wish I would have put a little more
effort. Anyway, as you can see, he sparred with everyone
and allowed me to record. I was going to show footage of myself rolling
with Keenan, but I dropped the ball and didn’t have my phone at the ready. I did get a picture with him. Unfortunately his eye was closed and this
was the best pic I have. The other one is blurry. Now, was it worth the price? I payed $120 for this seminar. It lasted about 3 hours total. I’m not sure if we spent 1 and a half hours
on techniques or two whole hours. The entire seminar felt like 1 hour to me,
but time flies when your having fun. I honestly expected to pay more. It was a great value. We learned a lot and you get to ask questions. That same night, during the sparring portion,
I was already able to implement some of the techniques he covered. I am not saying this to argue that I am exceptional
or anything, I say this because it shows that the techniques are very effective. If you can afford it, it is an enjoyable experience. I have been to seminars with Royce Gracie,
Rodrigo Gracie, and Andre Galvao. This was definitely my favorite seminar because I got to see Keenan finally. One thing that I think is really cool about Keenan’s seminar is that you’re learning stuff that not a lot of people know. Most people don’t know how to use squidguard, how to get out of it, or much less know different submissions and sweeps from it. I was very happy with it. I almost for got to say that I would like to thank Keenan and all of the people at the seminar that allowed me to video tape them sparring. And, I’d also like to thank Modern Jiu Jitsu Academy for hosting this event and allowing me to record as well. Well, I hope this was helpful. If you would like to learn a little more about
Keenan’s accomplishments, influences, background, and style; click right here and I will see
you in that video.

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