Kapap Seminar 02/2019

Kapap Seminar 02/2019

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Hey, good morning! Today is Thursday and this week I’m joining the Kapap seminar! I just got up, but I’m getting ready in a second to go to Vienna. And there I will be doing the Kapap seminar for four days The first three days for level 1-2 two I skipped, because I needed a little break and had some video editing to do and so on. And at one point your body tells you to rest! But now I’m excited to go back to training, to the four day Kapap seminar and I can’t wait to meet a couple of my friends, who I haven’t seen in a while. Let’s see how it goes, I hope I can get some nice shots, so I can put an awesome video together. So, let’s go! *** daily traffic into the city – the music makes it look nicer as it actually is *** Kapap people already waiting for their training ***music changes to give you a feeling for the fighting spirit everyone is channeling *** lying on the floor only looks comfortable, it’s really not! no, they are not hugging Hey everyone – At the end of the day we are friends – Yeah Vive la France! *** epic music, underlining how this is a very military kind of seminar *** with guns and stuff being on the ground a lot and more guns and more music and friends and France! Vive la France! No, Vive l’Autriche Anton, what are you thinking? Viva All Viva All? What is Viva All? No idea what that is

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