Jobscan’s ATS Tip Feature – Boost Your Resume

Jobscan’s ATS Tip Feature – Boost Your Resume

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Welcome to Jobscan. In this video we’re taking a closer look
at the ATS Tip feature within the Jobscan resume match report. Jobscan’s algorithm mimics the most common
behaviors found in the top applicant tracking systems, or ATS, like Taleo, Greenhouse, Jobvite
and dozens more. Many share similar features, but every system
has its own quirks. To take your resume optimization to another
level, use the ATS Tip feature near the top of the Match Report. Simply input the company name … and the
URL of the job application … to receive specialized tips on how to tailor your resume
based on the ATS. In this example, we learn that Starbucks uses
Taleo and receive bonus tips about file types, formats, abbreviations, keyword matching,
and file names. Optimize your resume for the ATS used by over
90% of Fortune 500 companies by heading to

2 thoughts on “Jobscan’s ATS Tip Feature – Boost Your Resume”

  1. I used it to check my cv. But did not add the company name because i thought their company Database does not include companies in the UAE.

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