Job Search- Customizing Your Application Documents


Hello and welcome to our Capella Career Conversation.
In this segment we will talk about the importance of customizing your job application documents.
Have you ever read a job posting and said “I could do this, I would be perfect for this
position!” Well, before you hit submit you want to make sure that you take all of that
excitement and put it in your resume or CV and cover letter. Because you need to catch
the eye of the employer quickly and you are not able to tell them everything about yourself
in one document you want to be strategic about what you do include. The best resume, CVs,
and cover letters are customized to a specific position. And you should be using a slightly
different version every time you apply to a new position. Start by identifying what
the employers looking for in their ideal candidate. Use the job posting as a guide and notice
the skills and qualifications that are listed. These are clues that will help you to understand
what the employer will be screening for when they look at your resume. Use this as a way
to help you as you customize your document. You might take this a step further by talking
to professionals that might have the inside scoop. Then, identify what it is specifically
about you that makes you perfect for this job. Is it your education, you work accomplishments,
your volunteer contributions, your skills, your subject matter expertise. Most likely
its a combination of all of these things make a list of the ones that are most relevant
to this specific position. And then, whether you are creating a document from scratch or
making updates to an existing one you want to make sure that you are including all of
these things in a place that catches the employer’s eye quickly. So put yourself in their shoes,
and take a step back and read through your document. What is it you’re noticing? Are you telling
the story that you want to tell? So get started, and remember next time you find a job that
you are perfect for take the time to customize your document. Let us know if you have any
questions in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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