Is This Video Editing or REAL MAGIC?! (Professional Magician Reacts)

Is This Video Editing or REAL MAGIC?! (Professional Magician Reacts)

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– Yo, what’s up guys? And welcome back. It’s Monday. (chuckles) Which means, today, we’re
checkin’ out our Reddit, subreddit page, find some
of what you guys are into. I mean last week, I asked you, oh wait, somebody already does that. Last Monday, I asked you, I asked you guys to post
some of your deck displays and we’re gonna have a look at that today as well as whatever else
is new on this subreddit. So, if you guys aren’t part of it already, go check it out. Links below. Join the community. We’re at 9000, I said if
we were at 10 by today, I’d do a giveaway. I’ll extend that for another week. If we get 10K by next week,
giveaway happens after that. And I got some merch coming
in, so you never know. Let’s get into it. Let’s do it. You know what, I need more energy. LET’S GET INTO IT! Normally what I do is, we go to here, we go to top of like the week, but that only includes
people who’ve made it to the top of the up votes, which makes sense ’cause
that’s the stuff we wanna see, but also I wanna give
other people a chance who maybe haven’t gotten there. So, we’re just gonna go
down the hot section. Ooh. That was clean. What? Actually confused about that. The second phase really got me. I don’t know if that’s a marketed effect, the second phase of it. I know the first phase
is, but really good. I love how you just film this
vertically, first of all. And that you did this in the store and that you know, put the gum
up, put the pack of gum back. Those are small subtleties that a lot of people making videos, don’t really understand with
how to have something go viral, is that they’ll film it in the
highest quality, like we saw, and then it’ll look set up. And a lot of people, when they see videos that
are framed like this one, and with good color correction
and everything else, it looks set up. So, if you want a video to go viral, film it vertically. Look at this guy. He takes the gum from the
shelf and puts it back after. Makes sense. Good job. Petition to make Chris some
spooky magic for spooktober. I did last year. That video didn’t do very well, so I’ll probably not
do it again this year. However, if you wanna
check that video out, feel free to do so. I did film a tutorial with my buddy Spidey and this is something you can do during the Halloween season. And that video will be up Friday. When you’re too lazy For misdirection. Let’s see it. Two of spades. Goes back in. It’s pretty fair. Ooh. (chuckles) Right under the box. So, what he’s trying to do here is a card-to-box. So, normally what a card-to-box is, you got a box on the table. Box is on the table. Three of clubs. So, I’ll take the three of clubs and if you can shuffle the deck, and in that action, I placed the three of clubs under the box. And so, that’s what he means
by too lazy for misdirection. Well done. A fresh take on linking rings, because, everyone has key rings. Borrow from people and blow their mind. Borrow from people? Really? Okay. That’s actually really clever. So, this is my guess, the same method as linking
rings, however, yo. This guy’s really good
with these little rings. That’s actually impressive. Very cool. I can see that as being
even a marketed effect. That’s a cool take on linking rings. That’s a fresh take on linking rings. Thing is like, to borrow
that is a bit of a hassle. Be like, hey, can I borrow your key ring? And they’re like, yeah, just, yeah. (keys clanking) Sorry. (keys clanking) Just, this one goes over here. Just a second. Here you go. What, it’s too big? It won’t work? You see what I mean? That’s the only problem. So, the whole borrowed angle, I’m not too fond of, but I do get that that makes it fair, I just think that that’s an
awkward engagement with someone. You might want to avoid
doing that to someone. Hey Chris, here’s my current set up. It’s a bit messy at the moment, but I really enjoy that place. The decks/sheet you signed for me in the Biergarten in Freiburg are my favorite pieces obviously. Thank you for all the great content, for inspiring so many people. So he’s got, this is cool. Like, the white cassette holders. I like the white by the way. This uncut sheet, I actually own this one. First decks signed down here and the knights. Oh and, dude he’s got like every
deck I’ve ever made signed. The Monica over here. I see he’s been doing his homework. So, this is the uncut sheet that I signed. Oh cool. Look there’s a picture of
me, him, and his girlfriend. I remember. Beautiful set up. I would say, just a little
bit over encumbered. I am not a designer so don’t listen to me. Good stuff. Best bottle and cap ever. It’s a slow-mo over here. Let’s see it. That was actually very clean. That was actually, okay, moving on. I have an idea of how that was done. That was really good. Undecided card. What’s this undecided card? (inhaling and exhaling) That’s so clean dude. What? Huh? How did that go back though? Very well done. Beautiful slight. Holy cow. Here’s some of my playing
cards for Chris to see. Did you know October 17th is National Playing Card Collection Day? What, hat’s a day? They have a day for everything now. National Playing Card Collection Day. What’s the date today? The 14th, close enough. Right on man. Chris, you’re such an inspiration. What’s it say? I hope this will be in your next vid. Thanks for all the amazing content. I’d love to meet you sometime. All right, let’s see what you got, buddy. Let’s go. – Hey guys, I’m gonna show you something cool with these three poker chips. – First of all, this guy, a lot of Spidey mannerisms right now. Spidey, if you’re watching this, he’s got a lot of your
mannerisms right off the bat. Right off the bat, hey guys. Am I the only one who sees this? – I’m gonna show you something cool with these three poker chips. I will get one chip to jump
in one hand to the other, but you’re not gonna be able to see it. So, focus on those three poker chips. Okay, I should explain before I do this, – Very cool. – And in using this final chip here, I will even conceal it from you, which makes it much harder to follow. If I blow on it, but still miss the moment
that that chip jumps across. – That was cool. Very well done, little man. The one thing that I would
say is, your patter, okay, was like you got it down to a T. What you were saying does
feel like it was patter. The moves were great. You did great on the moves and I know that it’s hard to
do those moves plus say words and look natural. So, I think, keep doing it. It’s great, the routine is awesome. You’re good at it. Just keep doing it to get to the point where it doesn’t feel like it’s patter. Feels like you’re talking to someone, because that’s really what magic is about, it’s about connecting with someone. But, it feels a little bit
robotic on the performance side, so, get that past that and
then you’re gonna slay. You’re gonna slay. But, really great job. Good stuff. All right, now, we’re gonna go into, we’re gonna go into top of this week. Chris’ super secret script,
video script, relieved. Chris Ramsay’s super
secret puzzle video script. One. What’s up guys, we are
back with puzzle name, if you don’t know, just say Hanayama. (laughing) Two. Forget the timer, no one will care. Let’s get goin’. Three. Attempt puzzle for 30 minutes. Four. Between 45 and one hour,
choose one of the following. I think it’s missing a piece, I think the mechanism may be broken, maybe that’s it, maybe it’s solved. (laughing) That’s pretty accurate. Five. Completes all but don’t say hot damn. Six. You said it again didn’t you. Seven. Peace. Rah. That’s pretty funny. And eight. Somebody commented eight. Enchante, music plays. (laughing) I like how that got up voted 264 times. Oh, this is my friend Boyer. 260 up votes? Boyer, let’s go. What? Dude, that’s so good. WHAT? Okay buddy. Calm down. That was actually lit. Holy. Alex, you’re my buddy, I love you, you don’t need to do this, all right. We know what’s goin’ on. But, great job. (chuckles) I saw this and I had to try it. Try what? Huh? What? I feel like there might
be video editing here. Regardless, it fooled me. Wow! Okay, I don’t even care if
there’s video editing or not. That looked amazing. What’s this? Ace goes in the middle. Yeah dude. That was really well done. Wow! You got that slight-of-hand prowess. Oh, look at this. How did this get 160 up votes? This looks like a hoarder. It should not be, okay, you got a lot of
Tally-ho’s over here, buddy. Hell of a collection you’ve amassed. But, clean your room. What are these boxes? Look at these boxes down here. They’re empty. Throw them out. Don’t keep them. Well, what if I need, you don’t need them. Well, what if, you don’t. Well, nope. People seem to like this. New to the community, follow me on IG. Okay. Oh, that’s cool. So he’s doing like a little bit
of a flustration count here. That’s cool. I like that routine. Super cool and original. Love it. Oh! Good enough. (laughing) Really? That’s a really nice subtlety. Let’s see that again. It’s not a double, doesn’t
look like a double. I don’t understand how he got there. That’s a cool slight. I would like to learn this. A card display. No music on. He’s like, turn the sound, ooh wow! – [Device] Alexa, Lumos. – Whoa! Dude. – [Device] Alexa, knocks. – The fact that he said Lumos to turn them on, is pretty sick. – [Device] Alexa, Lumos. – Guy, that is the coolest
set up I think I’ve seen. Inside or outside? Huh? Oh wow! What? That’s actually really cool. Oh, Ben Williams, what up dude? This guy’s a really
great creator by the way. So sick. From cards to coins. Let’s see. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. And back to cards? Yeah. Oh my god, this guy. Look at this guy. Here’s his collection. That’s super well shot by the way. I appreciate that. I used to have drawers
like this for my cards and it go out of hand, but I really loved it. Oh, this is my buddy Bao. Oh ha ha ha. (clapping) Okay, the subtlety here is the five being mirrored. Look at the fives. That. Yo. Bao. Bao is amazing. World’s slowest
slight-of-hand card vanish. Let’s see it. That’s a big claim. Yeah, this is pretty slow. It’s real nice though. It’s super slow. But, it didn’t, oh there it goes. Wow. Here’s some of the
jewels of my collection. Ooh, look at this. Look at this set up. That’s neat. My deck display, not so big
yet, but I think it looks nice with the playing cards on the wall. Oh, that’s cool. So, this guy took single playing cards and put them up on against the wall as like, an art piece which
I think it looks pretty cool. Chris Ramsey prior to card magic, was a gas station app model. He doesn’t look like me. Does that look like me? Do I look like that? Hey, it’s a livin’, okay? Contact juggling is always
nice to watch, isn’t it? That’s cool. It looks so light and that’s the illusion, that when he drops it in his hand, it looks like it weights
nothing, like a bubble. K maybe one more. His open decks. Oh what? What is that? Oh what? Look at this closet. (gasps) This guy’s got his gaming
laptop closet set up. Dude, that’s pretty sick. That’s pretty gnarly, man. Look at this. Yo, he’s got the cool computer set up. The cards. This is like some secret hideout. I like this a lot. I like that you’ve
created your own hideout. I think or maybe this one
is, what’s this guy do? Okay, that’s enough you Reddit. Well all right, I think
that about wraps it up for Reddit Magic. A lot of great stuff we saw this week. Guys, your set ups are super dope and they’ve inspired me, maybe to do something special around here. I like the ideas that you
guys are coming up with. Plus, your magic is on point, as usual. You know what would be nice to see? It would be nice to see some magic that doesn’t involve coins or cards. Or, tic tacs, or sharpies. All right, so maybe for next week, come up with some cool magic that doesn’t involve
standard magician items and we’ll feature some of those. I think you guys are creative enough to come up with some really cool stuff. So, I can’t wait to see what
you guys will come up with. And hopefully we get to
10K on this community. You wanna subscribe, hit the link below. And if we do, we’ll do
a giveaway by next week. So, guys thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the next video. Peace. Rah. (chill pop music)

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