Is Stealth Seminar Right For You? Product Overview – Building an Online Business Ep. 31

Is Stealth Seminar Right For You? Product Overview – Building an Online Business Ep. 31

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Best automated webinar software ever? No I don’t know. What’s up guys? Jason here aspiring entrepreneur and welcome
to episode thirty one of building An Online Business From Scratch , where I take you from
A-Z and everything in between in putting together a online business from scratch, specifically
a Webinar sales funnel to sale coaching and consulting on the back end of an information
product . And in today’s episode we are going to be
doing a quick overview of Stealth Seminar. So to give you a quick background here. Stealth Seminar is a automated webinar platform,
so if you want to be doing automated webinars, Stealth Seminar is definitely a piece of software
you should be checking out. So the purpose of this, is to just give you
an overview of what the software looks like, what it can do, what it can’t do and a little
bit if it’s short comings and of course some of the things that make it stand out
from other software’s out there like, Ever Webinar or Webinar Jam. Make sure to check out the channel because
I did an in-depth walk through of Ever Webinar and I did a comparison of Jam Ever Webinar
and Stealth Seminar. So definitely , when you done watching this
video go check these out, so you kind of can short cut this three and half month process,
I’ve gone through trying to figure out, which webinar software is going to work the
best. And now for those of you who want to do Automated
webinars, here’s a quick run down of why I think Stealth Seminar is one of the best
one’s out there and there’s really for two main reasons. Reason number one, is because when you upload
your video, they actually encoded and host it themselves , where as some of the other
services out there, they don’t actually host the video for you. I mean you give them a link to your Amazon
you know, S3 account or YouTube or Vimeo account and then they kind of just stream
the video from there and I kind of found that there are a lot of issues there, especially
if you trying to make you webinar live. I wasn’t trying to pretend like it was a
live webinar, but if that is important to you then sales seminar is really going to be your
only solution there and that actually leads to reason number two. Which is mobile readiness. When I compare this to Webinar Jam and Ever
Webinar and Clickfunnels. All of those have the same issue and that
was, when you went to play the video on mobile because it was hosted to one of those third
parties that I mentioned earlier, the video wouldn’t play correctly. In some of them it will show the controls
or auto play and allow people to pause and go back, depending on those solutions, check
out the channels on in depth videos or all of those. So in this video. I want to focus on Stealth Seminar, for those
two reasons I just mentioned. Number one, they host the video themselves,
they encode it for you. It’s one of the best playbacks you’re
going to get from the solutions I’ve tried and then number two, it’s completely mobile
ready and it works great on mobile devices. So without further a do, I’m going to switch
gears. Jump into my screen here. I’ll walk you through my account. One of the one webinar I set up with them. I’m still on a trial. I’m not quite sure whether to keep it or
not and then of course give you a little bit of insight on some of the short comings and
the things you want to watch for, before you go ahead and make the investment in Stealth
Seminar, so let’s dive in. So this is what it looks like when you first
log into Stealth Seminar. So there’s a nice little welcome video,
gives you updates if there’s any issues outages. Doesn’t look like there’s being any for
quite awhile, almost a year now. So what I want to do , Is first walk you through
the basic processes you can go through. So what’s nice about this, they really will
set everything up for you. I really didn’t have to lift a fingerin
terms of setting up my webinar. So what you can do is , you can go over here
HELP and then event creation assistance and couple of pages later, you’ll be brought
to…oops! You probably be brought to this page and then
yr’ll get here. So this where you essentially tell them everything
they need to know about setting your webinar. So you going to tell them if you want it to
be automated, live or hybrant and they have the different forms there and you give them
you know, what your title and then you know you can name it and give it an internal name. So if you’ve split testing multiple webinars,
it’s a lot easy to have internal names just say like Webinar. I do mind by the product it is. So for example for authority builder its-
AB under score you know, hybrid or live or simulated live or blah, blah….whatever it
may be and then of course you just kind of go through and answer these questions and
when you want the Webinar to run. According to them, this is the best option. Just one time at the top of the hour and then
tomorrow at eleven and then the next day at seven. I was testing the top of the hour and as of
this recording,the Webinar I’m testing with them had gotten zero optimal , so I’ll get
to why I’m so frustrated about that in a second. And then the Webinar registration page. Now this is one of the things I did not understand,
so I’m going to spend a little bit of time on it here. Actually I’ll blow up the screen for you
a little bit , so you can see it. Now when you set up your Webinar registration
page, you have two options. Option number one, is you click this link
and then have a bunch of templates and you kind of tell them, when you want your headline,
your bullet points and your pictures and all that and you send that and they put that all
together for you in that template. Option number two, is what I would prefer
is using one of your web page builders, so here’s what they’ll do. They’ll essentially take whatever page you
give them. So you give them the page you on. So for example, this is what the Webinar registration
page looks like in click funnel. So I said, okay go ahead, take this and work
your magic and it turned into this guy. Now you noticedit’s pretty much the same
page. The difference is this date and time style,
they automatically update it for you. So you go back to this one you see. March 10th blah, blah, blah. Here its March 26th, because this March 26th when
this video is being recorded and then the count down numbers working here, so yr’ll
see the count down timer will fix to whatever settings you set up in the back end. So if it’s at 7.00pm or if it’s on top
of every hour. Mine is set to every top of every hour. So forty three minute it will be, what is
it? 1 or 2 ‘0 clock or whatever time it is right
now. Yr’ll notice in the quick funnels version
it’s just static. But I told them, hey I want this count down
time. This is where I want the count down timer. So this is where I want the date and time. So this is some thing that I think is huge
and something I didn’t get to enjoy with the other Webinar solutions that I was testing. So that’s a huge advantage. That’s definitely one of their huge advantages
there. So we’ll go back to here. So you just enter the URL of that landing
page, you tell them, you know about the auto responders and further down the line, you
can also tell them when your offer dropsin your Webinar, where you want that to go to. You will have to give them the graphics for
that, you know offer and click submit and I think it took them a day and a half to set
the Webinar for me . So I’m going to go back hereto “myevents” oops! Maybe I’m on five. Okay I didn’t click it, so I’m going to
my events so you can see this now. It took about a day an a half. I went back and forth and I forgot to give
them my tracking code and no problem. I think I emailed them at analytics ,I emailed
them googled remarketing, you know Facebook pixels, the special ones for each pages. They set it up , no problem. They didn’t complain and I’m sure, the
rep got a little frustrated because I sent him so many different codes. I was like ‘ oh I forgot this one or that
one’ In that respect, I should have just used Google
tag manager, ‘ said put this on all the pages and then I’ll go in with the URLs
and figure it out. So coming here to the event list.Oh I’m
already on it. So there’s a sample Webinar here, this is
the authority influence and income mastery. You see I have Webinar Auto version one, so
that is how you can keep track of your Webinars if you have multiple one’s in here and what
is kind of cool you can just go ahead and hit ‘preview’it will play and then preview
, you know your registration page, get your lengths, see your analytics. So let’s go ahead with stats because this
is something that I was not exactly too enthralled with and the other Webinar software’s I
tested, definitely had much better analytics. I mean this pretty much kind of tells you
who did what. Obviously everything minus zero, because this
registration page has converted so poorly, but in the other Webinarsoftware’s they
definitely did make the effort to make the data more easy to analyse. I mean we all don’t need pretty pictures
and graphs like this. This works, but I just wasn’t really happy
with this data and then the big issue I have, is I actually don’t have any data on my
registration page. So in Facebook and Google I can see what they
say my conversion rates on my registration page. However because I’m not using the click
funnel entries. You know where they tell me how many visitors,
how many contacts. I can split tests. You can split test pages by the way. They do allow you to do that and you can set
it up so they hosted on your domain. I didn’t go into that, but I think if you
want to be able to split test your landing pages , like you will be able to do here in
click files, you going to want to set up your pages and have it hosted on your own domain
because you really need your internal tracking for those analytics, because Facebook and
Google and even if you’re using Google analytics or a bit late to track your links or funnel
tracks. All those things are going to give you different
numbers and at the end of the day, your landing page software is more likely going to be the
most accurate. So I would definitely recommend setting things
up, so that when you have your own registration page. Eventhough they can have it for you, I just
quick and dirty did it, because I wanted to see if it would work and because it didn’t
work, I’m not going to go through that effort. But if you get a couple registration, you
definitely going to ‘ what to go through the effort of putting your landing page stuff
over onto your ownlanding page service. You know click funnels, instant page, lead
pages, you know whatever. Megaphone app, whatever you’re using so
that you can see that data because that’s really key. So I’m going to go back here real quick. So here we go. You can also preview your Webinar very easily. I can’t remember if it was as easy in the
other solutions I tested, but this is definitely a nice feature be cause you can check your
offer drop. So I know it’s going to be a pain in the
butt, but you definitely going towant to sit through your entire webinar, to make sure
the offer drops in the correct place. It can drop over here on the right hand side
,or it can drop underneath as well. I had it drop over here because I formatted
my Webinar for Ever Webinar and that’s where it drops over there. So it’s set up
When we were recording the Webinar I just said, ay put it over on this side. And that does it for the overview here. The only other thing, I can show you is the
editing part and so this is also where, you kind of notice the system does feel a little
outdated. I mean it does everything, you need it to
do. It’s just not necessarily pretty to look
at . I mean this banner looks like it came from the early two thousands. So it’s one of those things, it can belittle
cumbersome just because all of the features they offer you and the fact that, there hasn’treally
seem to be a lot of effort to make it moremusic friendly. But to that point instead of investing in
making it all super nice and music friendly. They’re‘invested in a great support team,
if you will. So you can always just ask them to do everything
for you, which as business owner’s is really how we all should be running our businesses. It’s so easy to get stuck into like ‘oh
let’s go and do the call to call actions. This and that, the marketing automations. Whereas you can just say ‘hey here’s my
log in to my active campaign account. Please set the webinar to add people to x
list or x automation and I think that is a very, very, very valuable resource to have
and what makes self seminar stand above the other supports out there. Because I can tell you from personal experience
now that I’m going to bash and I’m not going to say which Webinar software it was,
but their support was just down right rude and would not answer my questions and of course
I actually wand up having to purchase this software and test it myself. And of course the answer was it doesn’t
work, but the support person wouldn’t tell me that. They just kept telling me, oh do this and
that but anyway. I’m still a little grumpy about that because
I wasted six hours because they just couldn’t give an answer yes to the question. Stealth Seminar not like that. Great, great support .So I definitely encourage
you to check these guys out. If you want to do automated webinars and you
looking for a solution that does automated webinars. Run it, forget it, go work on all the vices,
going to get those dates and times correctly , going to havecount down timer work correctly. Sell Seminar definitely stand above the rest. So thank you for watching. I hope you found this video in formable and
actionable. Go and hit that like button. Subscribe to the channel down below because
each week I am showing step by step everything that I’m doing to put together a online
sales funnel. And if you don’t want to do seminars you
definitely also want to subscribe to because I’m documenting the entire process of being
a first time entrepreneur going from zero to hopefully this is all in real time showing
you all the marketing and business systems .
I’m testing and the strategies I’m putting to the test to see if it actually works. So if you tired of just looking at those information
courses or reading the blog posted “ There’s twenty seven ways to grow your business on
line’ or if you looking for someone actually doing it and figuring bit out and they kind
of telling you what works and it’s a little BS, then this channel is for you. I encourage you hit that like button and subscribe
and so until the next video, keep building the business you love. Take care.

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  2. Great video, thanks for posting this Jason. I was wondering if you could clarify how to get your landing page stats to show up in Clickfunnels. Is this something the StealthWebinar support has to help you with?

  3. I'm not tech savvy. Camtasia seems so difficult to use for recording a webinar. Do you have a recommendation for a easy to use software to produce videos for Stealth Seminar

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