Is My Relationship Over? Ask This One Question To Find Out!


Why friends are like bank accounts. Now, in this video I want to show you a very
powerful technique that can ensure that you get the most fulfillment out of all of the
relationships that you have in your life. So stay tuned. Hello and welcome, this is Paul Ryder from
Mind Islands, and it’s a real pleasure to be here with you today because, I want to
share a technique that was taught to me many years ago, and it completely transformed all
of the relationships in my life. And since then, I’ve taught it to hundreds
of students, and clients, and the result has been profound. It has transformed so many people’s lives,
so I wanted to share it with you as well. And, anything that you grow from on this channel,
please put in the comments below, it would be great to hear your feedback. Now, the easiest way to start this technique
is just imagine it financial. So if you imagine it, if you go to a bank
and that bank doesn’t know you at all, and imagine no Internet credit rating was around. Imagine that bank doesn’t know you, so they
don’t trust you. So, you join the bank and then you invest
money into that bank. And then imagine you invest in money every
single week or every single month. And then by the end of the year, the bank
comes up to you and says, look, you’ve been a fantastic customer with us. You’ve invested a lot in us, so if you need
a loan, if you’re having a shortage of cash, then you come to us, and we’ve got your back. So now what I want you to do is imagine it
on a different level. Imagine person A and person B, but still [inaudible
00:01:51] it on a financial level. So when person A and person B come together,
they find that there’s a connection, there’s a click in some way. So if you imagine person A enjoying person
B’s company, thinks I want him to invest in person A because I like them. So again, just financial. Imagine person A invests a hundred of whatever
currency into person B. And then person B thinks, well, I not only like person A, but
they’ve also invested in me. So what I’m going to do is invest back into
person A. But this time, I’m not going to invest a hundred, I’m going to invest 105. So, they increase the level of investment
and then person A thinks this is fantastic. Not only do a like this person, but they’ve
invested more in me than I invested in them. So, person A invests back in 110 this time. Now that is a true friendship, and an amazing
credit rating where two people come together, and they keep investing in each other in such
a way that they feel fulfilled and harmonious. Now, imagine if say just financially that
one day person A for example, just was really, really short of cash, and they really needed
money really quick. Person B looks at person A and says, look,
I’ve got this credit that you’ve given me all these years, and I’ve got some money spare. So, I see you haven’t gotten any, I’ll give
you that money until you get back on your feet. And then person A says, thank you very much,
gets back on their feet and then keeps on investing. And it’s that reciprocation, they keep giving
and supporting each other to a harmonious growth. So now with this, what I want you to do is
imagine this with all of the people in your life, and I mean all of the people in your
life. This comes down to your family, your friends,
your work colleagues, your acquaintances, and you personally because, each and every
day you’re investing in yourself. Now what we want to look at before we get
onto looking at all the people in your life is, what to you is an investment, and what
to you is a withdrawal. Now, for some people an investment could be
somebody spending time with them, or somebody taking them on a holiday, or somebody making
love to them, or somebody telling them that something special that they’ve never told
them or anybody else, it’s a special secret. Or it could be a withdrawal for example, it
could be a judgment, a criticism, a demand of their time when they know that, that person
hasn’t gotten that time to give. So what I want to do now if you feel comfortable
with this, because I remember when I did it on myself, it really wasn’t that comfortable. I had to take some very sobering looks at
life, and the people in it. But what I want you to do is get a piece of
paper and a pen, and write down all of the people in your life, and see which people
you feel most fulfilled with, and which people you feel you’re really struggling with
And look at how much investment is going on from you to them, and how much investment
is going from them to you. And also, how much withdrawal is going from
you to them, and how much withdrawal is going from them to you. And with that, when you put everything down
on paper, you will see why you feel really fulfilled with some people in your life, and
why you feel exhausted. Or you just don’t want to be around certain
people in your life. So like you say, if you feel comfortable,
do this, but make sure you do with the most important person, and that is with yourself. Do you invest in yourself, are you kind to
yourself, or do you make judgements on yourself? Because, we can make too many withdrawals
on ourself, not like the person that we see in the mirror? So although there is so many more levels that
we could go into on this technique, I just wanted to keep it simple and straightforward
for this video. And go through it, and then if you want to
and you feel comfortable, put your comments in the comments below because, my aim of the
Mind Islands channel is to build a real community base to bring amazing people together. So please put your comments down. If you like this video, click like, and if
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as many people as I can with the techniques that I’ve learned. So, as mentioned before, my name is Paul Ryder
from Mind Islands. It’s been real pleasure to be here with you
today. Make sure you put your comments in the comments
below, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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