Interview Tips (Why does HR conduct a Personal interview?)

Interview Tips (Why does HR conduct a Personal interview?)

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Why a personal interview Tell me Yaa in the knowledge in the things that you have written down resume cant shows how the human being react on certain situations so what is you will need to answer the particular situtions So first one thing at time Attitude you are started with attitude ok so attitude is what company wants to see that can not be seen in a resume yaa Attitude communication right communication right sorry communication is there then personality confidence yaa then persentation skills i e what else body language, body language actully is a part of communication right what else many more points depth of knowledge so you can say subject knowledge right the knowledge of subject background now tell me my friend your name is Akshay so let say how will they they already know in the biodata that you work for how long so if you talking about stability stabily that they know you stable or not reason for change correct that’s what they want to know reason for change reason for change what else what else does a company see in a personal interview why does a company conduct a personal interview what are the small small parameters that make a person fit for the job what are other some more parameter major important once you missing out very obvious ones the company also wants to see what is the HR manager why is he calling you why is he calling you for an interview salary expectation right what is your expectation correct what else what else language fluency right technical skills we are right now talking about today we are talking about HR interview only w are talking about HR Interview so if you are software engineer or technical person you will have another round of technical interview but today we are but still they generally want to know are you good at what is your word per minute speed if you gong for back office job right if you are software engnieer generally how do you have technical skills what kind of technical skills you have what else is the company really looking at in the personal intereview what else what are the small small parameters some very importants one Notice period relevence what is the relevence of the experiance that you have you say i worked in account then in interview interviewer finds out that you are done only accounts upto finalisation you dont know more you dont know how to finalise the account so you gone for an interview you written something in the resume but its not clear when the interviewer talks to you he or she realises that your experience is really suitable to the job that is there so yaa relevence authenticity what does that mean see you give so much data on the resume right not necessary you have the jobs right today i was interviewing a trainer and you know what she wrote she has done 2 jobs when i spoke to her she has worked in six jobs so authenticity whatever you written in the resume is it true or wrong some people say that they are post graduates and they have not written they dont write it down some people have written post graduation but they dont have the certificate correct that also company wants to check in apersonal interview what else the list is huge that’s why you here because they are checking so many things leadership skills leadership skills that comes in attitude that will come in behaviour so lets say softskills what else is it really very important to dress very well in an interview 99% of the time nobody has told me 99% of the time why people forget i dont know your dress up why is it important is it part of personality let see is it part of personality

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